The power of collaboration

power of collaboration

The Markey Cancer Center at Lexington Clinic provides a community cancer experience while leveraging Markey’s academic medical center offerings.

In 2019, UK HealthCare and the Lexington Clinic joined together to expand outpatient cancer care in Central Kentucky. The collaboration – the Markey Cancer Center at Lexington Clinic – is a unique relationship combining community-focused care with the services of an academic medical center.

“The goal is to be part of one of the nation’s leading cancer center programs while providing patients with personalized care in a community environment,” said Kate Cundy, director of oncology services.

The Lexington Clinic provides cancer care in two locations – medical oncology and chemotherapy in Lexington and Richmond, along with radiation oncology in Richmond. Medical oncologists and radiation oncologists at the Lexington Clinic work collaboratively with their counterparts at Markey and specialists throughout UK HealthCare. Patients can get quick referrals to UK specialists as needed and can be presented to Markey tumor boards.

Dr. Rachel M. Harper, a medical oncologist at the Lexington Clinic, appreciates the ready access her patients have to surgical subspecialists, including colorectal and gynecologic oncology.

“It’s great to be able to tell our patients that we know these surgeons well and to see our patients come back from surgeries doing well,” Harper said.

Lexington Clinic patients also have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials, such as the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN), which tracks patients to gain insight into the genomic characteristics of tumors and find more effective treatments. UK HealthCare has enrolled 5,000 participants in the ORIEN trial, and 400 of those have come from the Lexington Clinic. 

“When asked if they’d like to participate in this program, the response from our patients here has been remarkable,” said Dr. William Camp, hematologist/oncologist with the Markey Cancer Center at Lexington Clinic. “They have recognized the value of this alliance studying their personal cancer information not only for themselves, but also to other present and future individuals with cancer and their families.”
Harper shared that her patients are also enthusiastic about the opportunity to be a part of advancing cancer treatment.

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