Markey Network

The UK Markey Cancer Center places great value in collaboration and innovation in cancer care. As a result, Markey directs two collaborative networks: the Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network and Markey Cancer Center Research Network.

Markey Affiliate Network

The Affiliate Network aims to enhance access to high-quality cancer services and programs through collaboration with community hospitals. Our vision is for Kentuckians and those from surrounding states to have access to excellent cancer care.

Visit the Affiliate Network page to learn more about how the network’s regional members impact cancer patients, families and caregivers, local doctors and communities.

Markey Research Network

The Research Network is an alliance of doctors who conduct clinical research studies in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancers. The network provides innovative research studies, support and education for our research centers and thorough quality assurance so our studies meet the highest ethical standards.

Visit the Research Network page to learn more about clinical research opportunities and coordinating centers near you.

NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center - A Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Markey Cancer Center is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a Comprehensive Cancer Center – a distinction that recognizes our commitment to accelerating precision cancer research and care to patients. We are the first and only NCI-Comprehensive Cancer Center in Kentucky, and one of 57 in the nation.