Arts in HealthCare

The UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital doesn’t look or sound like a traditional hospital thanks to the UK Arts in HealthCare program. As part of our visual arts programming, multiple forms of art are showcased throughout our hospitals and clinics. Over 2,100 works of art, featuring local, national, regional and international artists, can be found in our lobbies, waiting areas, hallways, outdoor spaces, patient and exam rooms. Our seven rotating galleries feature as many as eleven unique visual art exhibits per year.

Live performances occur across the UK HealthCare enterprise as part of our performing arts programming. Professional and volunteer musicians and performers of all ages are featured weekly in our lobbies and other public spaces with occasional special performances in our 305 seat, state of the art auditorium. Performers showcase a variety of music from across all genres including occasional opera, ballet and theater performances.

"Our mission is to create an environment of care and to focus on the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of our patients, family, caregivers and staff. The program recognizes the arts and the artists as powerful and positive forces in the healing process."

To achieve our mission, we strive to create and maintain a healing environment and culture of care, in accordance with UK HealthCare's mission and vision, by directly and indirectly engaging our patients, family, caregivers, staff, faculty, students and community through our visual arts, performing arts and other programming.

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UK HealthCare -- Arts in HealthCare

What's New

"Inner States," an expansive photography exhibit by Case Mahan on display in the UK Hospital Auxiliary Gallery

This visual journey narrates a story that is both highly personal, and yet, anonymous. The images are born of the artist's unique perspective, straddling the fine line between documentary and expressive while remaining open to the projections and viewpoints of others.

Exhibit featuring the work of Leo Yenwongfai, MD from UK's Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine now on display in the UK Arts in HealthCare North Gallery located on the 3rd floor of the Kentucky Clinic

Yenwongfai's stunning photographs document a myriad of flowers and insect life by capturing beautiful and complex patterns with a pathologist's eye for detail.

Traveling exhibit honoring healthcare workers opened July 20th at the UK Chandler Hospital Chapel Gallery!

"A Garden of Gratitude: Thanking our wounded healers - Healing our communities" by contemporary glass artist Terri Albanese

An exhibition of glass paintings that symbolize the heart and soul of our hospital workers and honor their resilience, inner strength, hope, courage, compassion and dedication. These works of art honor those who chose to be on the frontlines while we stayed safe within our homes; for those who were away from their families while caring for ours; for those who held the hands of our loved ones when we could not.

UK Chandler Hospital's Hamilton Gallery features "Tomorrow is Still June" exhibit by artist John Brooks

A series of large-scale, graphite, colored pencil and pastel drawings that capture mood, evoke movement and interpret the physique of the natural world. 


Recognition for Excellence: In 2013, the UK Arts in HealthCare Program was recognized for excellence by the Governor’s Award in the Arts and the Medi-Star Awards. Both awards recognized the patient-centered focus of the program. Learn more about our awards and program.

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UK Arts in HealthCare is always looking for ways to better serve our patients, families and staff. Provide us with feedback, pose questions or make suggestions as to how we can improve the program and what it brings to the health care environment.

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There are many ways to volunteer in the UK Arts in HealthCare program.

Opportunities are available for:

  • Musicians
  • Performing artists
  • Visual artists
  • Curatorial support

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