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Arts in Healthcare

The new UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital doesn’t look or sound like a traditional hospital thanks to the UK Arts in HealthCare program. Multiple forms of art throughout our hospitals and clinics are made possible through private funds. The program features local, national and international artists.

The UK Arts in HealthCare program established a community-based advisory committee to help define the mission and vision of the program, write policies and select major commissions. The program features:

  • Local, national and international visual artists.
  • Performing artists from our faculty and staff and from the world stage.
  • Therapeutic arts which employ art in the clinical setting to contribute to healing.

As the role of the arts in the health care setting is further substantiated, the program will grow and change to enrich the healing environment at UK HealthCare.

  • What's New

    "Transanimation" bioart exhibit now on display in the North Gallery at the Kentucky Clinic

    Since 2015, biology professor Ashley Seifert's Bioart course students have been exploring the intersections of molecular biology and art.  The varied, explorative and unique works in this exhibit were created by students and faculty from the 2018 Bioart class.  This year's course was co-taught with adjunct instructor Joe Davis, visiting from Harvard University and MIT.

    New exhibit, "A Music So Subtle and Vast" by Carey Gough, on display in the Pavilion A UK Hospital Auxiliary Gallery

    A visual history of folk music and Kentucky that is told through photographs of places significant in the lives of the musicians.  Gough has captured a part of the mythical Kentucky that only now lives in song lyrics, as the homes, churches and stages of the past have fallen to decay or disappeared altogether.

    "Open Window" exhibit celebrates the late Ann Tower

    Ann Tower was a significant figure in the Lexington arts community.  The UKHC Arts in HealthCare program is proud to display her work in our Pavlion A East Gallery.  The paintings of objects and places in this exhibit project a sense of place, light and color while revealing beauty in the ordinary and providing an impetus to be still, observe and contemplate.

  • Awards

    Recognition for Excellence: In 2013, the UK Arts in HealthCare Program was recognized for excellence by the Governor’s Award in the Arts and the Medi-Star Awards. Both awards recognized the patient-centered focus of the program. Learn more about our awards and program.

  • Tell Us What You Think

    UK Arts in HealthCare is always looking for ways to better serve our patients, families and staff. Provide us with feedback, pose questions or make suggestions as to how we can improve the program and what it brings to the health care environment.

    Fill out our comment form and let us know. We would love to hear from you!

  • Volunteer

    There are many ways to volunteer in the UK Arts in HealthCare program.

    Opportunities are available for:

    • Musicians
    • Performing artists
    • Art therapists
    • Visual artists
    • Curatorial support

    Fill out our volunteer form to help!