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UK HealthCare adopted a corporate compliance program in May 1998. The Corporate Compliance Program shows UK HealthCare’s commitment to doing the right thing, and has two primary goals:

  • First, to enhance and further demonstrate to our patients, the community, employees, staff, the government and third-party payors our commitment to honest and fair dealing;
  • Second, to centralize and intensify our efforts in preventing and detecting illegal, unethical or abusive conduct.

Graphic outlining the workflow for the Corporate Compliance team

Accordingly, each of us at UK HealthCare is obligated to report any conduct that we in good faith believe is illegal, unethical or abusive. You never will be penalized for raising an issue or voicing a concern when you do so in good faith. Failing to report such suspected misconduct can result in disciplinary action.

What conduct must I report?

As UK HealthCare employees, you are obligated to promptly report any conduct that you are aware of, that you in good faith believe is illegal, unethical, or abusive. Potential issues or areas of concern include, but are not limited to:

  • Patient Care
  • Patient Referrals and Referral Sources
  • Vendor and Supplier Relationships
  • Operational, Business and Financial Integrity
  • Soliciting, Receiving, Providing or Offering Illegal Compensation
  • Conflicts of Interest, Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Care
  • False Statements, Claims and Representations
  • Research and Scientific Integrity
  • Coding and Billing Practices
  • Confidentiality of Medical Information
  • Responding to Governmental Officials and Regulatory Agencies
  • Abuse of Controlled Substances
  • Drug and Device Misuse
  • Theft or Embezzlement

Contact Compliance or make a report

If you become aware of conduct that you believe to be reportable under the Corporate Compliance Program, or if you simply have questions regarding past, present or future conduct, several resources are available to assist you. Ideally, you should discuss your concerns with your supervisor first. If, for whatever reason, you do not feel comfortable talking to your supervisor, you can raise the issue directly with a higher authority within your department or unit or contact Corporate Compliance, either directly or through the Comply-Line.

It always is better to raise a question before behaving in a manner that may be improper, but it is never too late. If you are in doubt about an issue or have a concern, just ask. You never will be penalized for raising an issue or voicing a concern when you do so in good faith. Remember it is your right to raise questions and your duty to report suspected misconduct.

If you are not comfortable reporting suspected misconduct or making compliance-related inquiries to your supervisor, you can contact Corporate Compliance at 859-323-8002 or the Comply-Line at 877-898-6072. The Comply-Line is a toll-free phone reporting service operated by an independent contractor hired by UK HealthCare. The Comply-Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Comply-Line reports, as well as those made directly to Corporate Compliance, can be made anonymously.

Additionally, you can click here to make a report online.

Infographic outlining the roles of Compliance, Privacy and Auditing

Corporate Compliance staff

R. Brett Short, CHC, CHPC, CHRC
Chief Compliance Officer

Compliance and Audit Team

Noelle True, JD, CHC
Assistant Chief Compliance Officer

Lauren Foster, MHI, RT(R)(CT)
Compliance Data and Operations Manager

Stacey Moore, MBA, CHC
Senior Compliance Manager

Catherine Masoud, CHPC, CPC
Regulatory Compliance Manager

Aspen Roberts, JD
Affiliates Compliance Manager

Landon Bray, MHA 
Compliance Audit Manager

Angela Baquet-Coleman
Administrative Services Assistant

Compliance Reimbursement Audit Manager

Teresa Goodpaster, CPC, CPMA, CEMA
Billing Compliance Auditor

Billing Compliance Auditor

David Hurst, CPC, CPMA
Billing Compliance Auditor Associate

Erin Abernathy, CPC, CPCO, CDEO, CPMA, CEDC
Billing Compliance Auditor Associate

Privacy Team

R. Brett Short, CHC, CHPC, CHRC
Interim Chief Privacy Officer

Sarah E. Hines, JD
Associate Privacy Director

Amybeth Dotson, RHIA
Privacy Coordinator

Andrew Hill
Privacy Analyst

Contact Office of Corporate Compliance

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Phone: 859-323-8002