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Nutrition Counseling

nutrition counseling

Markey Menu

Visit our Markey Menu blog for the latest updates from our registered dietitians, including recipes, food news, cancer-focused health and wellness information and more.

  • Nutrition counseling services

    Adequate nutrition is essential for good health, especially for patients fighting cancer. The right food can fuel recovery and help manage treatment-related side effects, including decreased appetite and involuntary weight loss.

    At UK Markey Cancer Center, we have a team of registered dietitians on site who are specially trained to provide nutritional support to oncology patients. This means they not only understand the many ways cancer treatment can affect your appetite — your sense of taste and your ability to eat certain foods — but they also know how to help you overcome these barriers to good nutrition and ensure you get the nutrients you need.

    At Markey, you have easy access to personalized nutrition counseling. Plus, you can get cancer-specific food tips online any time via the Markey Menu blog or attend free cooking demonstrations and smoothie classes hosted on site each month. It’s our comprehensive approach that helps ensure you continue to enjoy eating, while reaping the benefits of good nutrition.

  • What we do

    Our registered dietitians are focused on:

    • Helping assess patients’ daily nutrient needs and providing patients with strategies to maintain body weight and strength.
    • Counseling patients and caregivers on recommended food choices.
    • Providing tips on managing treatment-related side effects, such as altered sense of taste or mouth sores.
    • Educating patients on tube feeding and nutritional supplements.
    • Connecting patients with community resources.
    • Working closely with the entire support services team to ensure patients have what they need to successfully manage cancer treatment and recovery.
    • Sharing new ways to enhance your diet through regularly scheduled cooking classes and smoothie demonstrations.
  • Consult

    Patients are welcome to visit our office any time during regular business hours to speak with a member of our team, or request to learn more about our services during your appointments at the MCC. We will address your immediate concerns and evaluate your needs to determine how we might serve you best.

    Your physician may also refer you to nutrition counseling if he or she feels you might benefit from our services.