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Genomics Core Laboratory

The Genomics Core Laboratory, a College of American Pathologists-accredited facility, was established in 2015 as part of the UK HealthCare Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and Markey Cancer Center genomics initiative. 

Our facility occupies 4,500 square feet within the UK HealthCare Clinical Laboratories. The overall mission of our laboratory is to accelerate the clinical genomics, precision medicine and genomic research interests at the University of Kentucky by providing cutting-edge genomic technology services. This facility also functions as Markey Cancer Center’s Oncogenomics Shared Resource Facility.   

  • Equipment Available

    Our laboratory is equipped with:

    • HiSeq 2500
    • MiSeq
    • Capillary sequencers
    • Pyrosequencer
    • Affymetrix Microarray
    • NanoString
    • Real-time PCR
    • Luminex analyzer
    • Covaris ultrasonicator
    • Bioanalyzers

    We have several laboratory automation systems for sample preparation and assay setup. In addition, this center is equipped with an isolated high-speed network connection (100 GB) for fast data transfer to the secured genomic storage facility within the campus and for computational analysis.

  • Wide Range of Clinical Services

    Our center provides a wide range of genomic services for clinical care, including:

    • Chromosomal microarray.
    • Genotyping for pharmacogenetics.
    • DNA sequencing for cancer and genetic disorders.
      • Capillary.
      • Next-generation.
  • Research Genomics Services

    We Provide Investigators Access to a Wide Range of Genomic Services

    Next-Generation Sequencing

    DNA Sequencing
    • Whole genome sequencing
    • Human and other organism
    • We prepare NGS libraries
    • Targeted resequencing
      • Amplicon sequencing and small gene panels
      • Investigators provide the probes/amplicons/libraries
    • Whole exome sequencing
      • We prepare the libraries
      • Agilent Clinical Research Exome
      • Roche Nimblegen MedExome
      • Illumina Rapid Exome
    RNA Sequencing
    • Whole transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq)
      • We prepare NGS libraries/investigators can also prepare libraries
    • Targeted RNA-sequencing
      • Investigators provide the NGS libraries
    • Methylation sequencing
      • Whole genome methylation sequencing
      • Investigators can provide NGS libraries
    • Chip-sequencing
      • NGS library preparation & sequencing only
      • Investigators perform IP and provides the captured fragments
    Sanger Sequencing
    • Tier I – Sequencing only
      • Investigators perform PCR, sequencing reaction and cleanup
    • Tier II – Clean up and sequencing
      • Investigator perform PCR and sequencing reaction
    • Tier III – Sanger sequencing reaction, cleanup and sequencing
      • Investigator perform PCR
    Fragment Analysis
    • Client performs reactions and fragment analysis on the ABI 3730
    Gene Expression Microarray
    • All standard arrays
    • miRNA array
    • Custom arrays
    Other Services
    • NanoString
    • Real-time-PCR
    • Bioanalysis
    • Covaris ultrasonication for ChIP-sequencing