Kentucky Cancer Needs

2021 Kentucky Cancer Needs Assessment

The newly released 2021 Kentucky Cancer Needs Assessment (KY CNA) was conducted by Markey Cancer Center (MCC) Community Outreach and Engagement and a steering committee of collaborating organizations.

Purpose of the CNA

The report – the first of its kind in Kentucky – combines data and community perspectives that illustrate how social determinants of health, behaviors and biology intersect to tell the current story of cancer in Kentucky, and highlights opportunities to rewrite it.

How the KY CNA will be used

The KY CNA will guide development of Kentucky’s next statewide Cancer Action Plan (KY CAP) for 2022-2027 through the Kentucky Cancer Consortium. Public and private organizations and entities from multiple sectors can use the KY CNA to inform their strategic planning, program planning, and evaluation activities and educate decision-makers.

Markey Cancer Center will use the KY CNA to stimulate new community-engaged research and to engage community members through the Kentucky Cancer Program.

To download the 2021 Kentucky Cancer Needs Assessment and supplemental materials, visit

Cancer InFocus: Kentucky

Cancer InFocus is a new online mapping application developed by UK Markey Cancer Center Community Outreach and Engagement to complement the KY CNA. This interactive application combines a wealth of available cancer rate, demographic, risk factor, and social determinants of health data with geospatial imaging software to give users control over creating customized maps related to Kentucky's cancer burden. 

Cancer InFocus gives researchers and community stakeholders the ability to explore relevant state data and download high-quality images for use in presentations, papers, and grant proposals. Data presented on Cancer InFocus can be downloaded and will be updated on a regular basis, providing the most recent data available.

The software necessary to build Cancer InFocus for other geographic regions is being made available to any interested cancer center through a no-cost licensing agreement with the University of Kentucky. Initial access can be requested by filing out this form.

Kentucky Cancer Registry

The Kentucky Cancer Registry (KCR) is the official population-based central cancer registry for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Located within Markey Cancer Center, KCR has been a member of the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Points (SEER) program since 2000. KCR’s interactive mapping application,, provides the ability to dive deeper into cancer incidence and mortality data for Kentucky – including maps, bar charts, tables and trends over time for specific cancer sites that can be customized by geographic level; date ranges; and age, race and sex subgroups. 

Future Plans

The Markey Cancer Center Community Outreach and Engagement plans to collaborate with partner organizations to release a Kentucky Cancer Needs Assessment every five years moving forward. To learn more about the Community Outreach and Engagement visit our homepage.

KY Cancer Needs

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Cancer InFocus

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Kentucky Cancer

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Markey Cancer Center is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a Comprehensive Cancer Center – a distinction that recognizes our commitment to accelerating precision cancer research and care to patients. We are the first and only NCI-Comprehensive Cancer Center in Kentucky, and one of 57 in the nation.