Oncology Nursing

The oncology nursing specialty seeks to reduce the risks, incidence and burden of cancer by encouraging healthy lifestyles, promoting early detection, improving the management of cancer symptoms and side effects throughout the disease trajectory, and leading the coordination of complex care needs.

Oncology nursing care at UK HealthCare is practiced under the Markey Cancer Center umbrella as part of a multidisciplinary team that develops and implements a comprehensive plan of care.  Markey Cancer Center has three inpatient areas that provide 24-hour-per-day patient care and an ambulatory/outpatient facility.

Blood and marrow transplant unit

The blood and marrow transplant unit is located at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital, Pavilion, A, on Floor 11 (Tower 200) and cares for patients with blood cancers such as lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma. These patients are treated with autologous, allogenic or syngeneic blood and marrow transplants. 

General oncology medical and surgical unit

The general oncology medical and surgical unit is located at Chandler Hospital, Pavilion A, on Floor 11 (Tower 100) and cares for patients with head and neck, abdominal, and colon cancers. These patients require medical and surgical interventions as well as chemotherapy/biotherapy or radiation treatments.    

Women's Care

The Women’s Care unit is located at Chandler Hospital, Pavilion CC (Ben F. Roach building), on Floor 3 and cares for women with acute gynecologic cancer needs, including gynecologic oncology cancer and plastic and reconstructive surgery patients following breast surgery.

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Jessica Basham, BSN, RN, BMTCN, UK HealthCare Markey Cancer Center