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Nasal and Sinus Cancer


Tumors of the sinuses or the inside of the nose can require advanced treatments and surgery that isn’t available everywhere. At Markey, you’ll find specially trained head and neck surgeons experienced in the latest surgical techniques.

These tumors are extremely rare and often benign, or noncancerous. However, some benign nasal and sinus tumors can develop into cancer if left untreated.

We offer minimally invasive surgery that allows surgeons to:

  • Operate inside the nose and sinuses with fewer incisions
  • See where they are operating with 3D imaging

Our team

Our team of providers specialize in treating head and neck cancers. Our team includes:

  • Medical oncologists who are experts in treating nasal and sinus cancers and other head and neck cancers
  • Ear, nose and throat surgeons
  • Neurosurgeons with special training in skull base tumors
  • Radiation oncologists who are experts at delivering precise radiation while protecting critical parts of the head and neck
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Nurses, nutritionists, speech language pathologists and rehabilitation therapists

For larger tumors, our team works together with neurosurgeons, oculoplastic surgeons and reconstructive surgeons to provide the best outcomes possible.

Markey has provided state-of-the-art cancer care for more than 20 years, and we are proud to be the only cancer center in Kentucky designated by the National Cancer Institute. For the last five years, Markey Cancer Center has been nationally recognized as a top 50 cancer center by U.S. News and World Report.

What are nasal and sinus cancers?

Nasal and sinus cancers are cancers that affect the:

  • Nasal cavity: The space behind the nose
  • Sinuses: The spaces around the nose, also called the paranasal sinuses because they are near the nasal cavity

Symptoms of nasal and sinus cancers

Symptoms of nasal and sinus cancer are similar to a cold or sinus infection and may include:

  • Stuffy nose, usually on one side
  • Nosebleeds
  • Sinus pain or pressure
  • Runny nose or mucus draining into your throat
  • Decreased sense of smell

More advanced symptoms may include:

  • Facial swelling
  • Double vision or blurred vision
  • Headache or facial pain
  • Changes of feeling in the face and forehead

Make an appointment

Request an appointment online or call 859-257-4488 or 866-340-4488 (toll free).

  • Your visit

    • For your first visit, you will be directed to the Ben F. Roach Cancer Care Facility (Pavilion CC) of the Markey Cancer Center. Get directions to the Ben F. Roach Cancer Care Facility.
    • You can register at the front desk, where a receptionist will help guide you through your appointment.
    • Free parking is available in the Whitney-Hendrickson parking lot.
    • Please remember to bring your patient packet with the completed forms. These items will help your doctor learn more about your case and determine the best plan for your care.
    • Review the patient handbook to learn about your stay and everything Markey offers for patients and families.
    • UK HealthCare accepts many forms of insurance.
  • Clinical trials

    Through clinical trials at Markey, our patients have the opportunity to participate in the newest advances in treatments and supportive therapies.

    Clinical trials test potential treatments for nasal and sinus cancer patients. All trials are painstakingly researched before they reach patients.

    Find Nasal and Sinus Cancer Clinical Trials

    Our clinical trials database lists current head and neck cancer trials here at Markey.

  • Locations


    Head, Neck & Respiratory Clinic

    Ben Roach Building exterior photo

    UK Markey Cancer Center

    Ben F. Roach Cancer Care Facility
    800 Rose St.
    Second Floor
    Lexington, KY 40536

    A parking lot is located near the Ben F. Roach Building, accessible via Hospital Drive. Get directions to Ben F. Roach Building.