Membership in the UK Markey Cancer Center Research Community

The purpose of the Markey Cancer Center research community is to identify and appropriately support a collaborative community of investigators dedicated to the Markey Cancer Center's mission to reduce the cancer burden with a focus on Kentucky and its most vulnerable populations through research, prevention, treatment, education and community engagement. To best further that mission, Markey Cancer Center researchers who are approved for membership are selected into three Research Programs that have unique strengths in basic, clinical, and population sciences. Collectively, these Research Programs are the nexus for transdisciplinary collaborations and novel discoveries spanning the spectrum of work from bench to bedside to community.

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Complete the online application to be considered for Markey Cancer Center membership.


The Markey Cancer Center has a critical mass of excellent, cancer-relevant scientific research programs, which include:

Cancer Prevention & Control (CP) Program

Studies focus on factors affecting Kentucky’s unusually high cancer incidence, morbidity and mortality.
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Molecular & Cellular Oncology (MCO) Program

Studies aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of basic mechanisms driving cancer to facilitate the development of preventions and therapies.
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Translational Oncology
(TO) Program

Studies focus on scientifically identifying novel targets, discovery of new anticancer agents and devices, and leading clinical trials.
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These three programs and their members facilitate scientific discovery and its translation into direct benefits to patients and the general public. Those activities help maintain the six essential characteristics required for National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Center designation.

Who is eligible for membership?

All faculty members in good standing at the University of Kentucky either currently doing or interested in getting involved with cancer research are eligible to apply for membership.

A UK faculty member in good standing may request consideration for membership at any time. Interested individuals should complete and submit the online form. Please note: as part of the online submission, you will need to upload or enter the following items:

  • Your area of clinical or research interest. Please summarize your cancer-related research interests and current activities. The link to cancer should be clearly stated.  If you are currently collaborating with other cancer investigators, please summarize the collaborations. 250 words maximum.
  • The number of patients you have enrolled into cancer-related clinical trials within the past year (if applicable)
  • Your current NIH-style biosketch.

Questions about the application process should be addressed to Danielle Story

Applications are reviewed by the Markey Cancer Center Membership Committee quarterly, as well as the program leaders for those programs most likely to benefit from a prospective member’s involvement. All recommendations from the membership committee are provided to the Director and the Director’s Council. The Director has final authority in determining membership and reserves the right to reassign or disallow the membership category and Program assignment based on current criteria.

Membership in the Markey Cancer Center research community is intended to remain in effect as long as the designated member remains actively engaged in cancer-related research and is contributing to the overall success of the Center and its associated programs.

Membership status will be reviewed annually by the Membership Committee. This requires submission of an updated curriculum vitae or NIH formatted biosketch, along with an updated summary of activities related to the Markey Cancer Center.

Recommendations for any adjustments in programmatic alignment or categorical assignment of membership will be forwarded to the Director's Council for final approval.

Markey Cancer Center Research Community Members are expected to:

  1. Contribute intellectual resources through collaborative engagement in cancer program areas, including basic, translational and/or clinical research.
  2. Serve on designated center program and review committees, task forces, etc.
  3. Participate in training programs, mentoring activities, seminars, journal clubs and faculty recruitment.
  4. Utilize MCC shared resource facilities.
  5. Represent the Markey Cancer Center and its programs both within the community and at national and international meetings in an appropriate professional manner.
  6. Provide periodically updated curriculum vitae and other information necessary for properly representing the status of Markey Cancer Center programs and participants.
  7. Provide periodically updated NIH biographical sketch.
  8. Acknowledge Markey Cancer Center Membership in cancer-related publications (e.g. footnote stating “Member, Lucille P. Markey Cancer Center”).
NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center - A Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Markey Cancer Center is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a Comprehensive Cancer Center – a distinction that recognizes our commitment to accelerating precision cancer research and care to patients. We are the first and only NCI-Comprehensive Cancer Center in Kentucky, and one of 57 in the nation.