Central Monitoring System

Nurses in the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) function as a consultant for the cardiopulmonary technicians who monitor and interpret cardiac physiological data, detecting and documenting any changes in heart rhythm and arrhythmias according to department standards.

Nurses will also assist the cardiopulmonary tech with validation of alarms to reduce "false alarms" and improve detection of actual adverse events by providing a consistent method for EKG monitoring and enhanced patient safety. 

The nurse in the Central Monitoring Station is responsible for reviewing all telemetry orders to determine if the patient meets criteria for hard telemetry or soft telemetry (patient’s heart rhythm can be monitored in a non-telemetry unit) based on established guidelines. This requires thorough review of a patient’s current condition and previous medical history.

The CMS nurse will also place soft telemetry patients on monitors and will assess these patients per unit guidelines while also providing appropriate follow up assessments. 

Nurses within the Central Monitoring Station will demonstrate knowledge of normal heart rhythm and basic arrhythmias; posses superior organizational skills, effectively communicate clearly and concisely and will establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

Nurses will also follow hospital and unit policy and procedures. Nurses in the Central Monitoring Station will work within the Central Monitoring station and throughout the hospital. The ideal candidate must be knowledgeable in telemetry monitoring, EKG interpretation as well as proficient in recognizing all arrhythmias, life threatening or otherwise.