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Cancer Conversations

family and consumer sciences

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the UK Markey Cancer Center have teamed up for “Cancer Conversations on Talking FACS,” a special edition podcast series focused on various cancer topics.

Following the success of our first series, new episodes will continue to air via the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service’s Talking FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) podcast, hosted by Jennifer Hunter, UK assistant director for family and consumer science extension.

Each new episode features doctors and researchers from Markey speaking on the biggest topics surrounding the disease. Check back here for the latest episodes with Markey's cancer experts!

  • Episodes

    Episode 1: Cancer in Kentucky

    Listen to this podcast.

    Kentucky tops the list for cancer and cancer related deaths. May is Cancer Research Awareness Month and throughout the month, we will be talking about cancer. Dr. Vanderford from the Markey Cancer Center will be breaking down the research, the statistics, what can be done to combat cancer and what the Markey Cancer Center is doing in Kentucky communities to raise awareness and educate the people of the Commonwealth.

    Episode 2: Reducing Your Cancer Risk

    Listen to this podcast.

    Reducing your cancer risk is in your hands. On this episode of Cancer Conversations, Dr. Nathan Vanderford sits town with Dr. Jennifer Hunter to discuss the steps that we can take today to reduce our cancer risk. They talk about the prevalence of cancer in Kentucky and explore the reasons why people in our state are so cancer prone.

    Episode 3: Research at the UK Markey Cancer Center

    Listen to this podcast.

    There is cancer research occurring every day at the UK Markey Cancer Center and across the Commonwealth. On this episode of Cancer Conversations on Talking FACS, Drs. Jennifer Hunter and Nathan Vanderford discuss cancer research and its impact on Kentuckians.

    Episode 4: Education and Oncology Training

    Listen to this podcast.

    Dr. Jennifer Hunter and Dr. Nathan Vanderford continue the Cancer Conversations on this episode of Talking FACS.  They discuss the Appalachian Career Training in Oncology (ACTION) program which is providing education to youth in 57 Kentucky counties in the cancer field.  They also talk about other educational opportunities that are happening in Central Kentucky middle and high schools.

    Episode 5: The Importance of Community Outreach

    Listen to this podcast.

    Dr. Jennifer Hunter and Dr. Nathan Vanderford continue the Cancer Conversations on this episode of Talking FACS.  Dr. Vanderford explains some of the Community Outreach activities that the Markey Cancer Center conducts across Kentucky.  He also outlines ways that Kentuckians can get involved in and benefit from cancer research.

    Episode 6: Thriving through Cancer Survivorship

    Listen to this podcast.

    At the UK Markey Cancer Center, work is underway every day to help cancer patients not just to survive, but to thrive. This month's Cancer Conversations on Talking FACS focuses on the many ways that cancer survivors can have vibrant and meaningful lives after surviving cancer. Dr. Jennifer Hunter sits down with Amber Silberman to discuss the keys to successful survivorship.

    Episode 7: Breast Cancer - Treatment and Reconstructions Options

    Listen to this podcast.

    Dr. Emily Marcinkowski sits down with Dr. Jennifer Hunter to share some of the options regarding breast cancer treatment and clarifies so possible misconceptions surrounding survival rates. She also explains some realities regarding reconstruction.