Research in Nursing

Nursing researchersThe profession of nursing at UK HealthCare is expressed through continuous learning and professional development, evidence-based practice and generating new knowledge for the care of patients.

Our Nurse Scientists have a dual role in the partnership between UK HealthCare and UK College of Nursing. This role allows for the integration of research and clinical inquiry in both the classroom and the clinical environment.

The Nurse Scientist role is foundational in elevating our practice by providing support and mentoring for structuring clinical questions, planning and evaluating an intervention, and disseminating via poster, podium or publication.

Current members of our Nurse Scientist team and their clinical service line area(s) listed below:

Research Priorities

The research priorities for Nursing Research at UK HealthCare have been established in conjunction with nursing services and the College of Nursing to build on existing programs. 

Nursing Research External Resources

Research Philosophy

The philosophy of Nursing Research at UK HealthCare is to apply clinical and basic research to the practice of evidence-based nursing care to:

  • Understand and ease symptoms of acute and chronic illness
  • Prevent or delay the onset of a disease or disability or slow its progression
  • Improve clinical settings in which care is provided
  • Assess the quality of care as perceived by our patients
  • Determine, test or implement strategies to improve patient care

UK nursing research accomplishes its mission by using highly educated nurses to educate and mentor clinical nursing staff in developing and conducting research. In addition, UK HealthCare supports collaboration between the academic and clinical sectors to provide a suitable setting for comprehensive research training.