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Visual Arts

To support a growing body of research that endorses how art enhances medicine, art in all forms is featured at UK Chandler Hospital and other UK HealthCare locations:

  • Whimsical folk art
  • Glass, wood and ceramics
  • Sculptures and paintings
  • Internationally commissioned pieces
  • Artists with a Kentucky connection, many of whom have achieved national and international reputations

Folk Art Collection

University of Kentucky Folk Art CollectionLocations for art were an integral part of the design process for the new pavilion at UK Chandler Hospital. As a result, the art and landscaping feel natural and part of the space.

Working with the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, Ky., UK has accumulated both two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces from the most important artists in the history of Kentucky folk art. The Don & Cathy Jacobs Health Education Center is the showplace for UK HealthCare’s significant folk art collection. In addition to this location, works are placed throughout Chandler Hospital.

Souls Grown Deep Collection

University of Kentucky Souls Grown Deep Collection quiltThe Souls Grown Deep Foundation’s roots can be traced to the mid-1980s when William Arnett began to collect in earnest the artwork of self-taught African American artists in the southeastern United States.

The foundation believes the so-called folk or outsider artists of the black American South were a coherent cultural movement and constituted a crucial chapter in world art.

The sweeping changes affecting southern black life in the late 20th century, especially those changes set in motion by the civil rights movement, radically energized the artists of the region and their long-suppressed voices.

Kentucky Wall

Photojournalism instructor Tim Broekema from Western Kentucky University translated an idea to show pictures from across Kentucky into a dynamic and ever-changing multimedia presentation that stops visitors and staff in their tracks. Everyone sees a person, place or object that looks like home and brings a smile.

  • The Permanent Collection

    The UK Arts in HealthCare program was conceived prior to construction of the new pavilion at UK Chandler Hospital; as a result, the art is integrated with the architecture. Proceeds from the groundbreaking gala funded the pavilion's first public space commission – Gingko, a 32-foot sculpture created by Warren Seelig.

    Philanthropy has fueled the collection that includes more than 400 original works of art. The art includes all media and idioms and was carefully selected to enhance the healing environment.

    Art by consensus: The major public pieces were curated with the help of the program’s community-based advisory committee and the works on patient floors were selected with the help of our faculty and staff. These selections were carefully weighed against the guiding principles of the art program developed by consulting best practices of established art in health care programs. With the opening of Pavilion A at Chandler Hospital, the presence of art in the hospital received an overwhelmingly positive response. Consequently, there has been a growing demand for art across the organization.

    Clinical space: As clinical space is remodeled, art is selected to enhance the clinical environment for patients and families who will be cared for in the space. In addition, Pavilion H at Chandler Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital have art in their lobbies and waiting areas. These spaces include an employee art gallery that presents the creative talents of our faculty and staff.