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My UK HealthCare proxy accounts

If you are the personal representative (for example, parent, legal guardian, attorney-in-fact) of a UK HealthCare patient, you may request access to the patient’s health information. This is known as proxy access.

You may request proxy access via the UK HealthCare MyChart patient portal or through the UK HealthCare Health Information Management office. 

UK HealthCare staff can also help you set up proxy access during your next clinical visit. Some proxy relationships require special documentation, such as power of attorney or proof of guardianship. Questions about proxy documentation requirements may be directed to the Health Information Management (HIM) office at 859-323-5117. You can also contact the HIM office through MyChart. (Select Messages from the top menu, hit the "Ask a Question” button and then select “HIM Document Question” in the dropdown menu.)

Note that proxy access is granted strictly at the discretion of UK HealthCare and may be revoked at any time.

You must make a separate request for each patient for whom you are requesting proxy access.

  • Proxy access for adolescents 12 to 17

    A parent or guardian has “full” access to their child’s UK HealthCare record until the child turns 12 and “limited” access until the child turns 18. Access for a “pediatric proxy” is automatically transitioned to “limited” access for the parent or guardian on the child’s 12th birthday. You may direct questions about proxy access to your child’s healthcare provider or to the Health Information Management office at UK HealthCare, 859-323-5117.

    Note: KRS 214.185 allows minors, in certain situations, to be treated without parental/guardian consent. Under HIPAA 45 CFR 164.502, this sometimes prevents UK HealthCare from releasing information to the parent/guardian.  

    For patients between the ages of 0 (birth) and 11 years 364 days, proxy account holders can use the UK HealthCare MyChart portal to:

    • Send a secure email message to the child’s care team.
    • Request prescription renewals 24 hours a day.
    • Request, cancel or reschedule appointments.
    • Pay bills online.
    • View and print lab test results, radiology reports and office visit summaries.
    • Get health maintenance reminders.
    • View and print the child’s immunization record and allergy information.
    • See provider notes from the child’s clinic visits and discharge summaries for any hospital stays.

    For patients age 12 through 17 limited proxy access allows a parent or guardian to:

    • Pay bills online.
    • Send a secure email message to the child’s care team, as long as the patient had an established relationship with that provider before turning 12.
    • View and print past results, radiology reports and office visit summaries.
    • View and print past immunization records.
    • View and print past provider’s notes from clinic visits and discharge summaries for hospital stays.
    • View and print past discharge instructions.
    • View documentation on sports physicals.
    • E-sign UK TeleCare documents.

    When the patient turns 18 years old:

    • All proxy access will end.

    For information on how to obtain copies of medical records for patients between ages 12 to 17, the parent or legal guardian may contact UK HealthCare’s Health Information Management office at 859-323-5117.

  • Directions to request proxy access using MyChart

    To request proxy access:

    • Log into your MyChart account.
    • Go to Menu.
    • Select “Personalize.”
    • Select “Request access to a minor’s record” (see arrow below).

    Proxy request form, first step

    Fill out request form.

    Proxy request form, second step

    • Click “I certify that I have the legal right to this minor’s medical information.”
    • Submit request

    Proxy request form, third step

    If you are asked to provide documentation for proxy:

    • Log in to your MyChart account.
    • Go to Menu.
    • Select “Questionnaires,” and select “Proxy Request Forms.”

    Proxy request form, fourth step

    Then you can upload the supporting documentation.

    Proxy request form, fifth step

    Click “Continue.”

    Proxy request form, sixth step

    Then submit.