Brand Strategy & Marketing

Expert support for your branding, marketing & communication needs.

UK HealthCare’s award-winning Brand Strategy & Marketing team tells consumers the UK HealthCare story through strategic advertising campaigns, web presence and optimization, social media, multimedia, community engagement and publications.

Our dedicated team of market development and integrated marketing specialists:

  • Use high-quality market research data to target audiences at every step along their healthcare consumer journey.
  • Raise consumer awareness and understanding of the UK HealthCare brand.
  • Enhance UK HealthCare’s reputation locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Build loyalty among those who have experienced our care.
  • Make sure consumers and referrers view UK HealthCare as their provider of choice when expert care is needed.

As protectors of the UK HealthCare brand, we enforce rigorous guidelines to safeguard our logos, visual and verbal identity so we can consistently bring The Power of Advanced Medicine to life.

UK HealthCare Brand Strategy
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Integrated Marketing

Our experienced Integrated Digital Marketing team supports the marketing and communication needs of UK HealthCare. In addition to managing the UK HealthCare website and its social media channels, we offer the following services.

  • Writing & editing
  • Graphic design & printing
  • Publication production
  • Video & podcast creation
  • Market research
  • Online reputation management

Our creative services are typically available at no charge to UK HealthCare clinical departments, however, there may be charges for printing, photography, video production and other development costs. For more information about pricing and production schedules or other questions, contact us at


Jason Britt, Director, Integrated Marketing

Contact: Jason Britt, Director, Integrated Marketing

Community Engagement

UK HealthCare's community engagement program collaborates with and is a major supporter of more than 100 local, state, and national non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of countless citizens in our region, across Kentucky and beyond. Our partnership with the UK Cooperative Extension Service provides accurate and reliable health information and educational resources to Kentuckians in all the state’s 120 counties.

Additionally, the community engagement program provides:

  • Health screenings & risk assessments
  • Access to expert speakers

For more information, see our Community Support page.

Madison Fyffe, Community Engagement Manager

Contact: Madison Fyffe, Community Engagement Manager

Market Development

Market development managers work with key leaders across UK HealthCare to develop and execute marketing plans that support UK HealthCare’s enterprise strategic plan. They also work with outside stakeholders and partners to define and manage UK HealthCare’s strategic outreach objectives. Working closely with Integrated Marketing to produce compelling marketing communication materials, our market development managers are available to help with content needs and to consult on marketing strategies.

Laura Baker, Market Development Manager

Laura Baker:

Cynde Estep, Market Development Manager

Cynde Estep:

Erin McElwain, Market Development Manager

Erin McElwain:

Natalie Pitman, Market Development Manager

Natalie Pitman:

Alyssa Simon, Market Development Manager

Alyssa Simon:

Julie Wilson, Market Development Manager

Julie Wilson: