Parking at Markey Cancer Center

At UK Markey Cancer Center, it is our goal to make your visit as easy as possible.

Patients and their families have several options for parking with easy access to our facilities, including complimentary valet parking beginning April 1, 2024. 

Find details on parking options below, as well as information on taking a shuttle to your destination. Please allow 30 minutes to get to your appointment if you choose to self-park in one of the garages. 


Patient Drop-off / Pick-up

  • Markey Cancer Center Circle (in front of Ben Roach Building) 
    Ben Roach / Whitney-Hendrickson Buildings
    800 Rose Street / Hospital Drive
    Note: If not valet parking, you will need to self-park in one of the garages listed below.

Valet Parking

  • Markey Cancer Center Circle
    Ben Roach / Whitney-Hendrickson Buildings
    800 Rose Street / Hospital Drive


  • Whitney Hendrickson Parking Lot
    800 Rose Street / Hospital Drive
  • UK HealthCare Parking Garage 
    110 Transcript Ave.
    Free shuttles available on Level A.
  • Kentucky Clinic Garage 
    140 Huguelet Ave.
    For a ride, please call the information desk:

Weekend Parking

Valet & Parking FAQs

Markey Parking Map


800 Rose Street / Hospital Drive - Markey Cancer Center Main Entrance

Valet parking is available Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. All Markey patients with an outpatient appointment and those accompanying Markey patients may valet park. Valet parking is a complimentary service; attendants do not accept tips.

To valet park, drive to the circle in front of the Ben Roach Building. 

  • At the parking booth, an ambassador will greet you to confirm your appointment and direct you to pull forward to the valet stand under the awning of the Ben Roach Building.
  • A valet attendant will greet you, explain the process, and take your keys.
    • Patients can choose to provide a cell phone number or receive a paper tag, which is how you will request your vehicle when you are ready to leave.
      • If you choose the cell phone method, you will receive a text with information on how to request your vehicle to be returned.
      • If you choose the paper method, you will be handed a tag with a number on it.  This number is associated with your vehicle so the valet attendant knows which vehicle is yours.
    • Need assistance getting to your appointment? A Markey Ambassador can assist with a wheelchair or you can take the golf cart shuttle to the Whitney-Hendrickson Building.
  • To retrieve your vehicle, you can either press the link provided on your text message (if you chose the cell phone option) or you can meet the valet attendant where you dropped off your car and provide them with your paper tag.
  • Your vehicle will be returned to you in the circle of the Ben Roach Building.
  • After-hours: Patients who need their valet-parked vehicle after 7:30 p.m. can contact the Emergency Department transport van at 859-983-7323. The ED van will retrieve your keys and escort you to your vehicle.

Please Note:

  • We are not able to valet park vehicles that have been modified for handicap accessibility.
  • Due to construction adjacent to the Markey Cancer Center, space in the Whitney-Hendrickson parking lot is limited and is restricted for valet parking only, Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m.–7:30 p.m.
  • No parking is allowed in the Ben Roach Building circle; this area is for pick-up and drop-off only.
  • Patients or those accompanying patients who choose to self-park will be directed to the nearby Kentucky Clinic garage.
  • Vehicles will be allowed to drop off and pick up patients and family members in the circle in front of the Ben Roach Building.
  • Visitors and non-Markey patients may park in the Albert B. Chandler Garage or Kentucky Clinic Garage.
markey parking attendant


UK HealthCare Parking Garage
110 Transcript Ave. 

The UK HealthCare Parking Garage at 110 Transcript Ave. serves Markey patients and visitors. Free shuttles on Level A will take you to the Emergency Department, Pavilion A, Pavilion H, Ben Roach Building and Kentucky Clinic.

Parking is free for patients and visitors. 


chandler garage

Kentucky Clinic Parking Garage
140 Huguelet Ave.

Patients and families may park in the Kentucky Clinic Parking Garage adjacent to the clinic. It is just a seven-minute walk to Markey. 

The cancer center buildings are behind the Kentucky Clinic Garage.

Parking is free for patients and visitors.

ky clinic garage


Patients may self-park in the Whitney-Hendrickson lot on Saturdays and Sundays. A parking ambassador will be available 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. to assist. Due to construction, space will be limited. Patients and visitors may also park in the Kentucky Clinic and UK HealthCare garages.


Q: Why are we adding valet parking? 
We are excited to add this new service to alleviate stress and ensure cancer patients continue to have convenient access to our services. This new approach to parking introduces valet parking – which is planned for the new Cancer & Advanced Ambulatory Building.

Q: Where will your car be parked?
Valet attendants will park your car in the Whitney-Hendrickson lot or on Hospital Drive outside the Ben F. Roach Cancer Care Facility, with overflow parking in the Kentucky Clinic garage.

Q: Will the valet parking drop-off area have wheelchairs?
Yes. An ambassador at the Ben Roach Building can assist patients needing a wheelchair with getting to their appointment or call the Markey golf cart shuttle for a ride.

Q: What groups may use valet parking or park around Markey Cancer Center facilities?
Valet parking is only for patients of the following services: 

Whitney-Hendrickson Cancer Facility (Pavilion WH) 

  • Chemotherapy Infusion 
  • PET-CT 
  • Comprehensive Breast Center, Mammography 
  • Gynecologic Oncology Clinic 
  • Multidisciplinary Clinic 
  • Integrative Medicine & Health Clinic 

Ben F. Roach Cancer Care Facility (Pavilion CC) 

  • Head, Neck & Respiratory Clinic 
  • Hematology Clinic 
  • Radiation Oncology 
  • Inpatient Women’s Health 
  • Bluegrass Care Navigators Inpatient Hospice Unit 

Chandler Hospital Pavilion H 

  • Precision Medicine Clinic
  • Infusion 

Some patients and visitors who have parked in these lots in the past should be aware they cannot park in the lots near these facilities or use valet parking.

These patients and visitors may park in the Kentucky Clinic and UK HealthCare garages.

Q: Will shuttles be able to pick up and drop off patients?
Yes, shuttles will continue to drop off and pick up in the Ben Roach Building circle.

Q: Does this change impact the Markey shuttle from the UK HealthCare Parking Garage?
No. We will continue to offer this shuttle service.

Q: Is the Whitney-Hendrickson lot available for self-park?
No, not during valet parking weekday hours. However, the lot may be used for self-parking on the weekends.

Q: If I am self-parking, can I drop off/pick up a patient in front of the Ben Roach or Whitney-Hendrickson buildings?
Yes. Patient drop-off and pick-up will be allowed and then you would need to self-park in either the Kentucky Clinic or UK HealthCare parking garage.

General information/resources

  • Parking spaces for visitors with disabilities are located near UK HealthCare facilities. These spaces require a disabled permit issued by Parking Services or a gate attendant.

  • Free shuttles are available for both patients and visitors. Most shuttles run to/from Level A of the Albert B. Chandler Parking Garage at 110 Transcript Ave. There are shuttle ambassadors located outside most hospital entrances who can assist with coordinating rides.

  • Information Desks are located inside most main entrances and can assist in many ways.  Information Desks can look up/verify appointments, provide maps/wayfinding needs, provide wheelchairs and help answer various general questions. To contact an Information Desk, please call 859-323-5816.

  • For more information on Markey Cancer Center, please view our Patient Guide.

UKHC Patient Shuttle
NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center - A Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Markey Cancer Center is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a Comprehensive Cancer Center – a distinction that recognizes our commitment to accelerating precision cancer research and care to patients. We are the first and only NCI-Comprehensive Cancer Center in Kentucky, and one of 57 in the nation.