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Provider Portal 2.0

You must use Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft Silverlight must be installed for all Internet Explorer browsers. Adobe PDF or Adobe PDF Reader is required.

UK Provider Portal 2.0 is not compatible with MAC or Microsoft Surface Tablets.

Log on to the new portal Refer a patient UK•MDS Medical Contact Center

The UK Provider Portal 2.0 is a secure internet-based service designed for providers who refer patients to UK HealthCare. After obtaining secure access and onsite training, providers are able to view real-time results, reports and clinical documentation on patients they have referred to UK HealthCare. This portal is an upgrade from the previous portal and now allows access to both inpatient and outpatient records.

HIPAA-Protected Patient Health Information

  • All information provided through this portal is considered protected health information (PHI) and proprietary of UK HealthCare. All portal users are required to follow HIPAA rules and regulations.
  • Secure access to this portal is granted by UK HealthCare IT Security and may be revoked at any time. All portal users are assigned a unique access, those granted access must never share login identification and passwords with anyone. This includes providers sharing access information with their staff.
  • Portal use shall be limited to the medical records of the provider's patients. All accounts are monitored and assessed for non-job related access. Users access will be revoked for violations of this requirement. Organizations with a pattern of non-compliant users may have the access for their whole organization revoked.
  • Notify the Physician Liaison office at 859-323-0736 or email us at when locations, providers or user changes so we may keep our records and access permissions up to date. Please also notify the Physician Liaison Office immediately if you suspect any abuse of user privileges.
  • Medical Records

    Not all patient information is available on this portal. Please use the numbers below to contact Health Information Management (Medical Records) for any additional information required.

  • Access Request

    If you are a provider referring patients to UK HealthCare, you may request access to the UK Provider Portal 2.0.

    • To request access, you must complete all 3 pages. For optimal use of the UK Provider Portal 2.0, all providers within the practice must have an account. All non-clinical users must have a Provider(s) with current portal access approve their access.
    • Once the paperwork is complete you can fax, 859-257-4148 or email to
    • After your account is created a member of the Physician Liaison team will schedule a time to conduct a portal training.
  • Expired or Forgotten Password

    Unable to Log in to Your Account?

    Passwords will automatically expire every 90 days and you must follow the following steps to update or change your password.

    • Go to the Account Manager.
    • Click “Forgot Password”.
    • Enter your LinkBlue ID. (User ID)
    • Click “I’m not a robot”, choose the selected pictures required.
    • Click “Next”. 
    • When it says “Password Reset Method” choose “Reset Question”. 
    • Click “Next”.
    • Answer the Challenge Question it asks (please note that the answer is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as you typed it when setting up your account).
    • Click “Next”. 
    • Enter your New Password. 
    • Confirm your New Password. 
    • Click "Save Password". 
    • Once you have changed your password please Click Here to Log On to the New Portal.
  • Are You Getting This Error?

    If you are receiving the following error message when trying to login, this is a password error message. Please be sure that you are entering your user ID and password in correctly.

    Or, it could be that your password has expired. Passwords will automatically expire every 90 days and you must follow the steps listed in the Forgot Password section to update your password.

    Password Login Error Message - Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again.