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UK HealthCare EpicCare Link

If you are experiencing difficulty setting up your new EpicCare Link account, resetting your password or logging in to your account, please contact the UK HealthCare EpicCare Link Service Desk at 859-323-2030

When calling, please provide your practice name and have your LinkBlue/ECL user ID readily available. Please stay on the line until you are successfully able to log in to EpicCare Link. We suggest following the instructions on this page or reviewing the Quick Start Guide prior to calling. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


EpicCare Link Log In UK•MDS Contact Center COVID-19

On June 5, 2021, we transitioned our Provider Portal 2.0 to UK HealthCare EpicCare Link. Previous active users of Provider Portal 2.0 can log in to EpicCare Link with their same user ID and password and do not need to complete a new application.

UK HealthCare EpicCare Link is a secure web portal that connects you to information stored in UK HealthCare’s EHR for your referred and admitted patients. Requesting access is easy, and there’s no software or hardware to maintain. As an EpicCare Link user, you receive free, view-only access to important information about your patient’s care at UK HealthCare, including: discharge summaries, consult and operative reports, imaging, lab results, immunizations, medications and much more. You can also use EpicCare Link to quickly refer patients to our organization, view upcoming appointments and referral status and communicate with UK HealthCare to help provide quality patient care.

The communication preference for all EpicCare Link providers is set to In Basket notifications. This means staff and providers will be notified via EpicCare Link for admissions, discharges, results, consultation notes and more! Users will have the latest information about their patient's treatment with no more missed faxes! If a provider prefers to change their default communication preference to fax, please contact your Physician Liaison or call 859-323-0736.

For more information regarding EpicCare link, click here.

  • HIPAA-Protected Patient Health Information

    • All information provided through this portal is considered protected health information (PHI) and proprietary of UK HealthCare. All portal users are required to follow HIPAA rules and regulations.
    • Secure access to this portal is granted by UK HealthCare IT Security and may be revoked at any time. All portal users are assigned a unique access; those granted access must never share login identification and passwords with anyone. This includes providers sharing access information with their staff.
    • Portal use shall be limited to the medical records of the provider's patients. All accounts are monitored and assessed for non-job related access. Users’ access will be revoked for violations of this requirement. Organizations with a pattern of non-compliant users may have the access for their whole organization revoked.
    • Please also notify the Physician Liaison Program at 859-323-0736 or email Liz Robertson immediately if you suspect any abuse of user privileges.
  • Access Request

    There are nine user roles within EpicCare Link. Each user role has a set of identified features and permissions within EpicCare Link. To request access for a new user(s) or a new site, please click here. All new user applications should be submitted electronically. We are no longer processing paper applications.

    Each organization must have at least one Site Administrator who accesses the system regularly and can verify users. A Site Administrator can also request access for a new user or site by logging in to their account and selecting Account Requests from the Admin tab.

    After a request has been processed, the new user will receive an email at the address on their application with login instructions.

    Please note that the processing time may vary during the launch of EpicCare Link.

  • Account Setup

    UK HealthCare will email your login credentials to the email listed on your application. Please follow the steps below to activate your account for the first time.

    If you have had access to UK Provider Portal 2.0 previously, your user ID and password will remain the same. You do not need to complete the account activation process again.

    1. Visit our Account Manager at and select New Employee Wizard.
    2. Enter your UK ID # and Temporary Passcode (your passcode is case sensitive) provided in the email you received. If you do not have a temporary passcode or experience any issues during the setup process, please call the EpicCare Link Service Desk at 859-323-2030. When calling, please provide your practice name and have your LinkBlue/ECL user ID readily available.
    3. Click on the Next button.
    4. You will then set up your two-factor log-in information. EpicCare Link requires at least one two-factor device to be enrolled. Click on Add Device. You will be prompted with three options.
      • I have a smartphone or tablet and can download the free Duo Mobile app (recommended option)
        • Download and install the Duo Mobile app (available on Android or iPhone).
        • Using the Duo Mobile app, scan the QR Code from your screen to link your device to your account. A green checkmark appears when the scan is complete.
        • Your device will be added to the Registered Devices list.
      • I have a phone that supports SMS/TXT Messages.
      • I have a Duo Token (this option will not apply for most users).
    5. Once you have set up your smartphone, tablet or non-smart phone, click Next.
    6. Skipping the setup of two-factor authentication will result in being unable to access EpicCare Link.
    7. Enter a new password twice. It will give you a list of requirements for your password. Your new password cannot have more than two identical characters in a row and the password cannot contain your first name, middle name, last name or username. Once you have entered your new password twice, click Save Password.
    8. Under the Account Recovery and Notifications section, set up your cell phone and external email address so you will have additional ways to get into your account if you forget your password in the future.
    9. Once the system prompts you that your password has been successfully changed, you are ready to log in to EpicCare Link with your LinkBlue/ECL user ID and password.
  • Log In Instructions

    Once you have an activated your account, complete the following steps to log in to EpicCare Link.

    1. Click on the EpicCare Link Log In button at the top of this screen or click here.
    2. Enter your LinkBlue/ECL user ID and password and click Sign In. Please note that passwords expire every 90 days without notice and can be updated through the Account Manager.
    3. Complete one of the following three options, based on your two-factor authentication method. Be sure to select Remember me for 30 days to bypass two-factor authentication for 30 days unless you use a different browser or clear cache.
      • Duo Mobile app (recommended option). Select one of the following two methods.
        • Select Send Me a Push. You should then get a notification from Duo on your smartphone. Click to open Duo. You will then be prompted to either Approve or Deny the log-in attempt. Select Approve.
        • Select Enter a Passcode. Open your Duo app on your smartphone and click the University of Kentucky drop-down. Your passcode will be displayed on the screen. Enter your passcode in the Passcode field and click Log In.
      • SMS/TXT Message. Select Enter a Passcode. Select Text me new codes. You will then receive a text with a passcode to your mobile device. Enter your passcode in the field and press Log In.
      • Duo Token (not applicable to most users). Select Enter a Passcode. Press the green button on the token to display the passcode. Enter the passcode from the token and click Log In.
    4. You are now logged in to EpicCare Link.
  • Expired or Forgotten Password

    Unable to Log in to Your Account?

    Passwords expire automatically every 90 days without notification. If you have previously activated your account and are unable to log in, your password may have expired.

    If you know your previous password, please complete the following steps:

    1. Visit our Account Manager at and select Returning Users.
    2. Enter your LinkBlue/ECL user ID and your current password.
    3. Click Login.
    4. If you have previously set up two-factor authentication, you will be asked to confirm your identity by either entering a code that is texted to your phone or by approving a push notification to your phone.
    5. Under Password Details, click Change Password.
    6. Enter your Current Password, enter your New Password and confirm your New Password.
    7. Click Change.
    8. If you have not previously set up a two-factor authentication, please call the EpicCare Link Service Desk at 859-323-2030. When calling, please provide your practice name and have your LinkBlue/ECL user ID readily available.

    If you have forgotten your previous password, please complete the following steps:

    1. Visit our Account Manager at and select Forgot Password.
    2. Enter your LinkBlue/ECL user ID and click I’m not a robot. You may be required to select images.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Choose your Password Reset Method (cell phone, email or Duo Two-Factor Challenge). If none of these options are available, please call the EpicCare Link Service Desk at 859-323-2030. When calling, please provide your practice name and have your LinkBlue/ECL user ID readily available.
    5. Follow the menu prompts.
    6. Under Password Details click Change Password.
    7. Enter your New Password and confirm your New Password.
    8. Click Change.
  • Medical Records

    Information inside of EpicCare Link typically dates back to 1/1/2018, but varies by the type of document. If you cannot find an item prior to this date, please use the numbers below to contact Health Information Management (Medical Records) for any additional information required.

    • UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital: Call 859-323-5117 or fax 859-257-1347 
    • UK Good Samaritan Hospital: Call 859-226-7033 or fax 859-226-7037 
    • Kentucky Clinic: Call 859-323-5561 or fax 859-257-7228 
    • Image Records Center (Referred Patients Only): Call 859-323-5416
    • Dentistry: Call 859-323-6675
    • High Risk OB Ultrasound: Call 859-323-0430
    • Gill Heart & Vascular Institute Cath Lab: Call 859-323-5117
    • Ophthalmology/Advanced Eye Care: Call 859-218-2606 or fax 859-323-8510
    • Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center: Call 813-518-7740 or fax 813-354-4251
  • Refer a Patient

    EpicCare Link is the preferred method for submitting referrals to UK HealthCare. Alternatively, you can call UKMDs at 800-888-5533 and indicate that you would like to place a referral to a specific specialty. UKMDs will then connect you with the appropriate area for processing your referral.

    Departmental specific referral forms are temporarily located here, but will be taken down soon due to the ability to submit online referrals through EpicCare Link.