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Community Impact Office: Health Education and Screening


Our ultimate goal is simple: We want to save lives.

Education and early detection through cancer screenings play a vital role in saving the lives of Kentuckians. Our team is here to help. We are happy to come to your community to speak about the importance of health and wellness and cancer screenings.

Markey Cancer Center is pleased to offer an extensive community outreach program that includes cancer screening events, educational presentations, and prevention opportunities.

Markey’s Community Impact Office works with cancer education programs, evidence-based research groups, area healthcare providers, and our Markey-affiliated hospitals to further cancer prevention and education throughout Kentucky.

We offer a variety of community-based programs focusing on all ages of the population. Our team targets the underserved areas of Kentucky and tries to reach those Kentuckians who otherwise may not have an opportunity to receive a cancer screening. Educating the youth of Kentucky is also a primary focus of our outreach team as we engage with schools, churches, and communities where health education is needed.

To partner on any of the programs below or for more information, please call 606-872-0119 or email

  • Community Screening Programs

    Our team offers programs to make cancer screening easier for people who do not have insurance coverage or who have challenges with scheduling an appointment on weekdays. We work closely with our community partner, Kentucky CancerLink (KCL). KCL helps identify and schedule Kentuckians who need a cancer screening and then navigates the patient for any necessary follow-up appointments. KCL clients are primarily those who are uninsured or underinsured and whose household income is at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.

    mamms day out

    Mamm's Day Out is a program for breast cancer screening. In addition to mammography and education, blood work and take-home fecal immunochemical tests (FIT) are provided. To schedule your appointment and see if you qualify for this program at no charge, call 877-597-4655



    pap in a snap

    Pap in a Snap is a community-based cervical cancer screening program. We realize your time is valuable and it may be difficult to get a Pap smear to prevent cervical cancer. That’s why we’re offering a quick and easy screening opportunity. This event is held twice a year. Please call 877-597-4655 to schedule an appointment. 



    heads up

    Heads Up! is a head and neck cancer screening event held at Markey. Head and neck cancers include tumors of the mouth, throat, nasal passages, sinuses and thyroid gland. Many are tobacco-related; however, occurrences of oropharyngeal cancer (mouth and throat cancer) caused by human papilloma virus, or HPV, are increasing. Heads Up! is held twice a year. Please call 877-597-4655 to schedule an appointment. 


    fit testing

    Throughout the year, our team works with Markey-affiliated hospitals, health educators and other community partners to distribute free FIT test kits (fecal immunochemical tests) to people who need home-based colon cancer screening. People simply collect their stool sample at home with the FIT kit and mail it back in. If a kit is returned positive, our program's partners and patient navigators contact the person by phone and letter to arrange a follow-up appointment. Please call 877-597-4655 to see if you qualify for a free testing kit.