Care Delivery Model

The Care Delivery Model is led by a dyad model-- a nurse and physician that functions as a team and has the operational responsibility and accountability for patient care quality, service excellence and overall efficiency of care delivery. In so far as possible, patient populations are cohorted in services lines that represent the continuum of critical, progressive and acute care.

Roles that make up the nursing care team include staff nurses and nursing care technicians (NCT). Registered nurses plan and deliver nursing care to each patient and may be assisted by the NCT. Additional members of the care delivery team include clinical nurse specialists and clinical nurse experts. These two roles ensure that staff nurses, hence patients, have access to the evidence that supports nursing excellence. They serve as expert consultants to the staff nurse and ensure that standards of care are in place and the latest evidence is being used to promote nursing excellence. Staff development specialists are also available to support the professional development of nursing staff, as UK HealthCare nurses are committed to learn, innovate and excel in the practice environment.

The practice of nursing at the unit level is a shared responsibility. Patient Care Managers (PCM) and staff nurses, via the unit based council, collaborate to address care delivery matters, and when appropriate, determine needed changes that support quality improvement and/or adherence to practice standards. Each nurse is accountable for her/his decisions and actions related to care of patients.