Nursing Professional Practice Model

Nursing Professional Practice model diagram for patient/family centered care.There are five values at the core of UK HealthCare nursing: 

  1. Empowerment
  2. Teamwork
  3. Innovation and learning
  4. Learning patient-centered care
  5. Evidence based practice  

Professional Practice Model Based on Swanson's Theory of Caring

Caring: I believe that patient/family-centered care is our core element of nursing.

Knowing and Being with: I am accountable to myself, my patients, my team, my organization and my profession for my decisions and actions.

Doing for: I am a leader committed to evidence-based practice, a safe environment and quality outcomes.

Enabling: I am empowered to ask, act and decide.

Maintaining Belief: I am inspired to learn, innovate and excel.

A positive working environment underpinned by the Behavioral Standards Program provides the framework whereby interdisciplinary, professional relationships are developed. Benner's theory, Novice to Expert, serves as the foundation for nursing education and development and is enhanced by:

  • Nurse Residency
  • Nursing Professional Advancement Program
  • Perioperative internships
  • Emergency Department internships
  • Nursing certifications

Continuing formal education is valued and provisions for tuition benefits are provided by the university. The Nursing Professional Advancement Program provides the opportunity for recognition and funding for continued educational programs. Sharing of knowledge with peers, other health care providers and patients/families throughout the Commonwealth is supported through various outreach programs and opportunities.

The nursing council structure provides the avenue for shared governance and decision-making within nursing.