Outstanding cancer care requires an unparalleled team. Our specialists in medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiation medicine and pathology work together with our ENT specialists to deliver you the most effective treatments.

Surgery may be required to remove certain neck masses. The type of surgery used depends on the location and size of the tumor. For more information on surgeries for neck masses, please review details specific to your diagnosis.

We use radiation therapy to kill or shrink cancer cells or to prevent tumors from growing in certain types or stages of cancerous neck masses. Radiation therapy may be an effective treatment on its own for certain early-stage cancers, or it may be used in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy for certain cancers, particularly advanced stage cancers. Radiation treatments are more effective when patients do not smoke or have already quit smoking. Learn more about our services by visiting our Radiation Oncology website.

We may use a combination of chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery for advanced stage (metastatic) cancer. Chemotherapy drugs are injected or given by mouth to help stop the growth of cancer cells or kill cancers altogether. Chemotherapy may be given alone for certain cancers or in combination with radiation, called chemoradiation, for certain types of cancerous neck masses. Chemotherapy drugs weaken cancer cells, which can make radiation therapy more effective. Using these two therapies together may offer better outcomes if chemoradiation is indicated.