New spaces reflect Markey's dedication to patient care and research

New spaces reflect Markey's dedication

Over the past year, the UK Markey Cancer Center has expanded and built new spaces to better treat its patients as well as to encourage doctors’ pursuit of vital research.

These four new areas mark the next step in UK HealthCare’s mission to provide patients with the latest advances in cancer care in an environment carefully designed to promote healing.

Eleventh floor of Chandler

Markey’s doctors will now also take care of patients on the 11th floor of UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital Pavilion A. The space, which opened up in December 2017, includes the Darley Blood & Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, a 32-bed unit dedicated to bone marrow transplant and patients with blood cancers. This floor also houses the James F. and Gay G. Hardymon Patient Care Unit, a 31-bed unit for medical and surgical oncology patients.

The space is designed with patients and their families in mind, as hospital stays can last for months at a time. The floor includes laundry facilities and a comfortable family room for caregivers and families.

Integrative medicine

In April 2018, UK HealthCare opened a new clinic space in Markey’s Whitney-Hendrickson Building to house its expanding Integrative Medicine & Health program.

Integrative medicine focuses on the whole person by using appropriate therapies and drawing from various disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.

In the clinic, providers offer the following individual services for patients, caregivers and employees: acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, massage therapy, narrative medicine and reiki. Group classes offered through the clinic include yoga, meditation, tai chi, journal workshop and Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help.

Research facility

A research facility expressly devoted to addressing and eradicating the state’s most significant health disparities opened in September 2018. The $265 million facility will bring together basic scientists, clinicians, engineers and behavioral scientists to address the state’s most pronounced health issues. Kentucky is among the nation’s leaders in deaths from numerous health conditions, including cancer.

“We are breaking down walls and silos, putting together researchers across many disciplines and approaches, and, importantly, bringing new talent to the institution to work in this bold new setting,” said Lisa Cassis, UK’s vice president for research. “This is what it will take as we set our sights on reducing the heavy burden of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and stroke, diabetes and obesity, and substance abuse.”

Ultimately, some 500 scientists, principal investigators, and graduate and undergraduate students will work in the unique facility, which brings together experts across disciplines around the idea of more quickly developing solutions and getting them into communities where they can make a difference. The complex of interconnected facilities will create a synergy of efforts in health, pharmacology, basic research and behavioral sciences.

Radiation oncology

A new radiation oncology integrated brachytherapy suite with a CT-on-rails and linear accelerator replacement is currently under construction. Due to an increase in radiation medicine volumes and complexity, as well as aging equipment, this suite will better accommodate the unique needs of Markey’s patients.

The project is scheduled to be complete in summer 2019.

This content was produced by UK HealthCare Brand Strategy.

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