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Expressions of Courage Survivor Celebration

expressions of courage

We are delighted that so many of you were able to attend the 2018 Expressions of Courage Survivor Celebration! Markey patients, together with their support groups and caregivers, were joined by Markey faculty and staff to mark yet another milestone in their cancer battles. Thank you for your time and contributions to this special event.

For more information on cancer survivorship, view our online overview (332 KB).

  • What is Expressions of Courage?

    Cancer struggles can bring about powerful emotions, and patients convey their feelings in varied, personal ways. Expressions of Courage is designed as a showcase for those feelings, a celebration of both human creativity and the human spirit. Please note that this occasion is for all survivors. You need not contribute art to participate. Members of the Healthy Living Panel are also available to further enhance the recovery process. June is Cancer Survivorship Month and thus a good time for this annual gathering. 

  • Thank you!

    On behalf of all caregivers here at the UK Markey Cancer Center, we thank all of you that participated in the 2018 Expressions of Courage Survivor Arts Celebration.

    Stay tuned for galleries, videos and more from our most recent celebration!