Treatment for aggressive skin cancers on the head and neck can be challenging. Our highly skilled surgeons use the best techniques to remove skin cancers. If you need chemotherapy, our medical oncologists specialize in treating patients with head and neck cancers.

With head and neck skin cancer treatment, our goals include:

  • Removing or destroying the tumor
  • Preserving healthy skin and function
  • Maintaining your appearance

The size, location and stage of each skin cancer will help us determine the right treatment options. We also take into account each patient’s own health and risk factors.

We treat almost all skin cancers with surgery first.

We often follow surgery with chemotherapy for more aggressive skin cancers.

We use radiation therapy for larger or more aggressive skin cancers, or for patients who can’t have surgery.

Radiation aims waves of intense energy to kill cancer cells. Learn more about our services by visiting our Radiation Oncology website.

These drugs use a patient’s own immune system to attack cancer. We use immunotherapy for more advanced skin cancers or cancers that have spread to the lymph nodes.

Markey Cancer Center is NCI-designated

The UK Markey Cancer Center was first designated by the National Cancer Institute in 2013 – a distinction that recognizes our extraordinary ability to provide world-class care for our patients. We are the only NCI-designated cancer center in Kentucky and one of only 71 in the nation.