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Gynecologic Oncology Telemedicine Program

GYN Onc Telemedicine Program

We understand traveling to a doctor appointment can be difficult for cancer patients. It takes time, and it costs money. Plus, it often means a day or more away from family, work, or other responsibilities. It can be particularly hard for patients living with a cancer diagnosis to make multiple visits to the UK Markey Cancer Center.

Now, there’s another option. The UK Markey Cancer Center team is offering video conferencing appointments—also called telemedicine— for women with gynecologic cancers, including:

If your doctor has referred you to a cancer specialist at the UK Markey Cancer Center, you may be eligible for a telemedicine appointment. These virtual appointments let you stay in your community while you consult with a gynecologic oncologist, reducing the number of visits you need to make to Lexington.

  • State-of-the-art cancer treatment in Eastern Kentucky

    Telemedicine uses technology to bring patients and doctors together. These virtual office visits let you meet with the cancer experts from the UK Markey Cancer Center while you are at a hospital or clinic near you. You’ll get the same expert and personalized care that patients receive in Lexington—close to home.

    Benefits of a UK telemedicine appointment:

    • Reduce travel, saving time and money.
    • See the same cancer specialists you’d see in Lexington.
    • Keep your local doctor.
  • How a telemedicine appointment works

    A telemedicine visit isn’t very different from an ordinary doctor’s appointment. Here’s how it works:

    • Check in at the front desk and fill out any needed paperwork.
    • Go to an exam room.
    • A nurse will take your temperature, blood pressure, and other vital signs—just like at any other doctor’s appointment.
    • You’ll sit in front of a big-screen monitor for your appointment.
    • You and your doctor will see each other on-screen and talk.

    You may still need to visit the UK Markey Cancer Center in Lexington for surgery, your post-operation exam, or other exams. But you can use telemedicine appointments for most of your care, including:

    • Initial consultations and second opinions
    • Routine and follow-up visits
    • Visits before chemotherapy, while still receiving chemo with your local provider
    • Reviews of previous imaging and other tests
  • UK telemedicine locations

    We’re now offering gynecology oncology telemedicine appointments two days a month at these locations in Eastern Kentucky:

    • South Williamson—Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center
    • Middlesboro—Cumberland Valley Medical Surgical Associates
    • Hazard—ARH Cancer Center
    • Ashland—King’s Daughters Medical Center
    • Morehead—St. Claire Regional Medical Center
    • Harlan—ARH Hospital Community Clinics
  • Make an appointment

    We usually can see you for your first telemedicine appointment within 1–5 days. Your doctor needs to schedule an appointment for you. To make an appointment, your doctor can call 859-323-5553.