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Cervical Cancer

In the UK Markey Cancer Center, the Gynecologic Oncology Team provides patients with care customized to fit their needs. Our program offers the latest in diagnosis, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted treatments.

Our team approach

The Gynecologic Oncology Team includes physicians, nurses and researchers from multiple specialties. Patients are seen in a comfortable, supportive environment. Our team works together providing each member’s individual expertise to offer patients personalized treatment plans suited for their needs.

Cervical Cancer survival rates

The survival rate for cervical cancer is largely dependent on the stage of the cancer. Regular cervical cancer screening with the Thin Prep or HPV tests can help identify pre-cancer (dysplasia) or early stage cervical cancer when patient outcomes are far better.  For more information on cervical survival rates based on cancer stage, visit the American Cancer Society website.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials help keep our cancer care on the leading edge by allowing researchers to apply cancer knowledge as it develops to give you the best chance of survival.

At Markey, our specialists place a high value on all areas of cervical cancer treatment, from patient care designed for the unique patient to developing treatments of the future.

Download the Markey Cancer Center Clinical Trials app.

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