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Nasal and Sinus Cancer Treatment


Treatment for nasal and sinus cancers can be complex. We have advanced options and a team of experts to help. Your doctor will give you options and help you choose the right treatment plan for you.

Your treatment options may include:


We treat most nasal and sinus cancers with surgery, using minimally invasive techniques when possible. This option uses fewer incisions and offers a quicker recovery time. Your surgery options will depend on the type and location of the tumor.

During minimally invasive surgery, the surgeon uses a thin tube with a camera—called an endoscope—to get a better view inside the body and remove the tumor.

For more advanced tumors (called skull base tumors), we work with other teams at UK, including oral surgeons, neurosurgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, oculoplastic surgeons and reconstructive surgeons. These teams work together and coordinate to make sure patients have the best treatment plans possible.

Radiation Therapy

We often use radiation therapy after surgery for nasal and sinus cancer. The high-energy beams used in radiation therapy help kill any cancer cells remaining after surgery.

Sinus and skull base tumors require extreme precision. We use many sophisticated techniques to protect vital organs in this delicate area.

Radiation therapy, often in combination with chemotherapy, can also help patients with advanced cancers.


We may use chemotherapy, often along with radiation therapy, when treating advanced, or metastatic, cancer. Chemotherapy is the use of power cancer killing drugs.