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Tumor mutation testing overview

You may have had, or are planning to have, your tumor tested for mutations. These are mutations that are only in your tumor.

Somatic testing is used to see if you might benefit from a targeted therapy, also known as precision medicine. You may be hearing a lot about somatic testing and precision medicine, and that might be confusing. The video below will walk you through precision medicine topics and what it can provide for you and your children.

  • How it works

    Our medical experts use tumor mutation testing to see if there is a targeted therapy that would work for you. After testing, your doctor will talk with you about your testing results and recommend targeted therapy if any treatments suit your needs.

  • What happens next

    You doctor may discuss your case at The UK Markey Cancer Center Molecular Tumor Board (MTB) which is a statewide service available to physicians at UK HealthCare and regional affiliates.

    The MTB is a group of experts that can review your genomic report and help your doctor determine which cancer treatments that are best for you.  Your doctors may also refer you to the Precision Medicine Clinic or recommend a clinical trial. You can learn more about clinical the Precision Medicine Clinic and clinical trials below.