Movement Disorders

When living with neurological conditions that inhibit the quality of your movement, daily activities and responsibilities may prove to be challenging if not impossible. That is where the team with the Movement Disorders Clinic at the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute at UK HealthCare can help.

Neurologists who specialize in movement disorders, as well as nurses, pharmacists and social workers with expertise in the field, lead our multidisciplinary program. Together, they offer a broad range of evaluations and treatment options to treat patients, including botulinum toxin (BOTOX®), deep brain stimulation (DBS) for people with Parkinson’s disease and surgical pallidotomy, as well as the opportunity to participate in the latest clinical trials.

Movement Disorder Specialties

Specialists with the Movement Disorders Clinic are experts in the fields of movement disorders, neurology and neurosurgery. They are also leaders of clinical research who investigate the efficacy of treatment options such as DBS. Together, members of the Movement Disorders team offer the highest level of expertise to treat patients with several types of movement disorders, including: 

  • Blepharospasm
  • Dystonia
  • Essential tremor
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Myoclonus
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Spasmodic dysphonia
  • Tardive dyskinesia
  • Torticollis
  • Wilson’s disease

Why Choose UK HealthCare’s Movement Disorders Clinic?

Leaders in the fields of neurology and movement disorders have recognized many of our clinicians for their outstanding work. Our physicians have received numerous awards in the field of neurology and neurosurgery, and many participate in groundbreaking research and clinical trials.

UK HealthCare’s Kentucky Neuroscience Institute is ranked 44th in the country by U.S. News & World Report, who also consistently rated UK HealthCare’s Albert B. Chandler Hospital as the No. 1 hospital in Kentucky.

Patient Stories

"She's Like the Energizer Bunny."

Gayle Zoeller was in her 40’s when she started showing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. After years of treatment elsewhere, she underwent a novel procedure only available at UK HealthCare. Through it all, Gayle has been an advocate and supporter of others living with the disease.

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Kentucky native takes on rare neurological disorder after cancer

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Judy King, a lifelong Kentuckian who lives in Brodhead, underwent a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy in 2014. But then she started to suspect that something else was wrong: She had developed an extreme sensitivity to light.

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