For Kentucky Neuroscience Institute Providers

As part of the multidisciplinary team at the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, our neurology specialists now work with neurosurgeons to diagnose and treat complex neurological and neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson's diseaseALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and stroke.

We provide diagnostic evaluation, treatment and management for conditions related to the central and peripheral nervous systems (brain, spine and all extremities).

Appointments & Referrals

About referral: When a patient is referred to Kentucky Neuroscience Institute (KNI), diagnosis and treatment are made in a collaborative environment, decreasing the need for multiple visits and consultations.

An emphasis on quality of life factors such as ease of movement and communication maximizes the potential for recovery. Treated as equal partners in care, referring physicians can expect early and ongoing contact with KNI specialists.

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What to Bring to an Appointment

Patients should arrive at least 20 minutes before their appointment in order to register and fill out any of the necessary paperwork prior to the appointment. This will help to ensure prompt service and visitation with the physician.

Patients should bring the following to their appointment.

  • Prior medical records (as available)
  • CD of films relating to the diagnosis. Sometimes other physicians send the films to UK, but many times these films do not make it to the appointment on time. While a report of the films may be helpful, the doctor will need to review all images to discuss the diagnosis and treatment options. Without the films, the physician may need to reschedule the appointment or schedule an additional appointment in order to review them.
  • Current list of medications and their dosages
  • List of doctors the patient currently seeing, especially the primary care provider, and their contact information. The Kentucky Neuroscience Institute doctor will communicate with the patient's other physicians to ensure they receive notification of the evaluation.

Assistance at Kentucky Clinic

  • Information desks can be found in the first-floor lobby near the South Limestone door and on the third floor near the bridge that connects to UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital (Pavilion H)
  • Help finding the appointment: Patients may pick up one of the phones located inside any Kentucky Clinic entrance and a clinic representative will help find the appointment location. Patients may also call UK Health Connection at 859-257-1000.
  • Handicapped parking is available on the ground level of the Kentucky Clinic Garage. For disabled patients who do not have a state-issued disabled parking permit, special one-day passes are available at the information desks. This permit allows patients to park in the disabled parking area.
  • Wheelchair assistance may be requested using the information phones found just inside each entrance, at the information desks or by calling 859-323-5581 from the car after the patient arrives at the clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a referral? Yes. A verbal referral from your primary care provider or another physician familiar with your case is required to schedule an appointment in our clinic. In addition, we ask for notes, test results and scans of the body part that you are being referred for. Your referring physician's office can call 859-323-5661 to initiate the referral process.
  • How long does it take to get in? The length of time for an appointment varies based on your diagnosis.
  • Who will I see? Who you see depends on your condition. Neurology has several areas that doctors specialize in. 
  • Do I need to bring a disk of my scans? Yes. If the doctor does not have the images to review, they cannot make a decision on your need for surgery. Please do not rely on the facility doing the scans or your referring physician's office to send them to us. You may be asked to reschedule if you do not have your disk. Please bring your disk to your appointment with you.
  • What types of insurance are accepted? We are contracted with most major health care plans. For specific coverage questions, you should contact your insurance provider.
  • Is there a pain management clinic? UK does have an internal pain management clinic. Depending on your plan of care, you may be referred to a pain management clinic.

Support Groups