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Neurology Treatment

Specialists at the UK Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, a nationally recognized leader in neurology care, are dedicated to promoting neurological wellness in the commonwealth of Kentucky. To accomplish this goal, our team relies on a wealth of clinical expertise in combination with the latest therapies and devices.

  • Treatments We Offer

    From diagnosis to treatment to long-term management, our neurosciences experts provide the complete scope of neurological care. Here are just a few of the innovative therapies we offer:

    • Deep brain stimulation. An innovative treatment that uses electrical impulses to bring lasting relief to those with Parkinson’s and other movement and control issues.
    • Gamma knife radiosurgery. This minimally invasive alternative to brain surgery uses precise, high-energy gamma radiation to target brain tumors while sparing healthy tissue.
    • Responsive neurostimulation. During this procedure, a device is implanted in the brain to help control seizures for those with drug resistant epilepsy.
    • Stereotactic radiosurgery. During this nonsurgical procedure, high doses of radiation are targeted to specific areas to treat tumors or abnormalities without damaging healthy tissue.
    • Thrombectomy. This treatment surgically removes blood clots that cause stroke, deep vein thrombosis and other dangerous and deadly conditions.
    • Vagus nerve stimulation. During this procedure, a device is implanted that send pulses of electrical energy to the brain to help people with chronic seizures or depression.
  • Why Choose UK HealthCare for Neurosciences Treatments?

    The multidisciplinary team at the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute is made up of fellowship-trained and board-certified specialists from a wide range of fields including neurology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, pediatrics, neurophysiology and vascular neurology. They are supported by a dedicated group of nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Together, they deliver quality care for the most complex neurological and neuromuscular conditions.