Neuro-oncology is a medical specialty that focuses on the study, diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the brain and spinal cord, also called the central nervous system (CNS). Cancers of the CNS include primary tumors, which arise in the CNS, and secondary tumors, which have spread to the CNS from other areas of the body. These cancers can cause serious mental and physical impairments and may be life-threatening.

The neuro-oncology specialists and support staff at UK HealthCare collaborate with the oncology experts at UK HealthCare’s Markey Cancer Center to apply their extensive expertise to quickly evaluate CNS cancers in adults and children. They then implement individualized treatment plans that encompass a full range of conventional treatment options, the latest advanced therapies and clinical trials.

Neuro-oncology Specialties

The UK HealthCare neuro-oncology program takes a multidisciplinary, team approach to the complex management of a wide variety of CNS cancers including:

Why choose UK HealthCare for Neuro-oncology?

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