Gill Affiliate Network Educational Opportunities

The Pulse Webinar Series

The Pulse is the Gill Affiliate Network’s official webinar series. Held bimonthly, these educational courses are accredited for multiple clinical personnel and focused on a broad range of topics relating to cardiovascular clinical care, program management, and administration. Offered exclusively to Gill Affiliate Network members, all presentations are held via videoconference and recorded for viewing at a later date.

Mini Fellowship

The UK Gill Heart & Vascular Institute is excited to offer our unique Mini Fellowship opportunities exclusively to Gill Heart & Vascular Institute Affiliate Network members. These one- to two-day educational programs provide participants an immersive experience in subspecialty areas of cardiology, vascular surgery, and CT surgery. Each participant’s time on campus will meet objectives as predetermined by the participant and Gill Affiliate Network faculty and staff. Through the Mini Fellowship program, Affiliate Network members have the opportunity for highly-individualized learning opportunities comprised of didactic lecture, patient observation, and hands-on training.

Gill Backstage

Gill Backstage enables members of the Gill Affiliate Network to go “behind-the-scenes” and learn about the programs, services, and operations of the Gill Heart and Vascular Institute. Each Gill Backstage experience is curated according to each affiliates’ needs and interests. Gill Backstage experiences range from one to two days depending on the Affiliates’ goals and objectives.

Gill Heart and Vascular Institute Affiliate Network Meeting

The annual meeting of the Gill Heart and Vascular Institute Affiliate Network brings together hospitals throughout the Commonwealth that are interested in working across geographical and organizational boundaries to enhance access to high-quality cardiovascular care and ensure patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time. The meeting not only showcases successful cardiac programs at local, state, and national levels, but also provides a glimpse into the future of cardiovascular medicine and provides strategies from leading national experts on how cardiovascular leaders can position their programs for success.

Customized Training and Education

To support the cardiovascular programs at each Gill Affiliate Network hospital, the UK staff and physicians, who collaborate with the network, develop personalized and customized training and education opportunities across the cardiovascular spectrum. These activities can take place at Gill or the Affiliate hospital and are developed based on the needs and interests of the Affiliate.

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