Gill Heart & Vascular Institute Clinical Research Organization

The UK Gill Heart & Vascular Institute Clinical Research Organization facilitates all aspects of patient-based clinical research. Our multidisciplinary process fosters collaboration within the Gill and across UK HealthCare to enroll patients and provide high-quality care throughout the study. In addition to being highly skilled in clinical research practices, our faculty, fellows, and Gill staff are passionate about and committed to providing their patients and their patients’ families with access to the most advanced treatment options for their heart and vascular conditions.

What is clinical research?

We use clinical research to help patients with cardiovascular conditions potentially live longer and better lives. Our research is vital to discovering new treatments and other therapies, gaining more knowledge about various heart and vascular conditions, and helping patients manage their care. Without clinical research and the patients who volunteer as participants, we wouldn’t have most of the life-saving treatments and medical innovations that we routinely use to treat patients today. There are two types of clinical research:

  • Clinical/observational studies examine participants in a normal setting and collect various data to inform further research. Often these studies are conducted following U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of a device or drug to ensure long-term safety of the new product.
  • Clinical trials test a particular therapy, drug, treatment regimen, device, or management strategy among a group of patients to discover new and innovative therapies and determine how safe and effective they are at treating a particular disease or condition. Clinical trials are conducted in phases (I-IV) based on how many participants are involved and how far along the research is.

How do I volunteer for a clinical trial?

First, talk with your physician or other healthcare team member to determine if there is a clinical trial for your cardiovascular condition. The Gill maintains updated clinical trial information on our website, including objectives and contact information. If you are eligible for a specific trial, you or your physician can reach out to the study contact listed. A member of our research staff may also contact you about participating in a clinical trial.

What should I expect when volunteering for a clinical trial at the Gill?

Unlike at some clinical research facilities, the staff at the Gill are fully integrated with your clinical care team, working side by side. This means that throughout the entire clinical research process, you will continue meeting with your physicians and healthcare team as normal. Members from the Gill team may also attend your routine appointments to ask you questions, collect various information about your symptoms and treatment experience, and review important information with you. You can also ask them any questions you have about the research process at any time.

What types of clinical trials does the Gill offer?

We strive to offer several cutting-edge clinical research opportunities for our patients to ensure you have the most options to choose from when it comes to your cardiovascular care. Our clinical research offerings cover the entire spectrum of heart and vascular care, including heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, heart rhythm abnormalities, ischemic heart disease (history of heart attack), congenital heart disease, regenerative medicine, and hypertension.

See our complete alphabetical listing of clinical trials, including a description of each trial and contact information for each trial coordinator.


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