Cardiovascular Biorepository (CVBR)

Our Cardiovascular Biorepository (CVBR) maintains a collection of cardiovascular tissue retrieved from organ donors and patients undergoing cardiovascular surgeries. The Campbell Muscle Lab, headed by Kenneth Campbell, PhD, along with co-investigators Ahmed Abdel-Latif, MD, PhD, and Mary Sheppard, MD, work with the Transplant Center, Ventricular Assist Device team, and other clinical groups to procure and store samples for both internal and external research.

Since 2008, we have procured over 7,000 samples from different regions of over 300 human hearts. Each year, we see over 550 donors/procedures that could potentially donate specimens to the project, and we’ve collaborated with more than 25 institutions over the past decade. Through this work, our CVBR has contributed to and accelerated cutting-edge cardiovascular research across the country that will lead to improved treatment options—none of which would be possible without the willingness and support of our patients, our donors, and their families.

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