Pediatric Services and Specialties

When your child is sick or hurt, you want the reassurance that the services he or she needs can be quickly accessed close to home. With Kentucky Children’s Hospital nearby, you can have peace of mind that the pediatric services and specialties you need are convenient and accessible.

At our pediatric hospital, we offer a wide spectrum of children’s services, encompassing everything from diagnosis through follow-up care. This allows us to work together collaboratively to ensure your child gets optimal care at every step of the way.

Why it’s important to seek out pediatric services

To put it simply, children’s health is not the same as adult health. Children don’t even have the same number of bones, after all! (Fun fact: Babies have about 300 bones at birth. Some fuse together during childhood, leaving adults with 206 bones.)

At every stage and age, we have unique and distinct health needs. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing services that are specifically catered to the unique needs of children and their development.

Every provider at Kentucky Children’s Hospital has specialized training in both an area of expertise and in children’s health, allowing them to keep both in mind when prescribing care.

In addition, children and their families have access to truly comprehensive and collaborative care through our pediatric service offerings. We work together on a multidisciplinary basis to ensure access to additional diagnostic testing or expertise is quick and easy to access, and we offer several specialty clinics and specialty services to meet our patients’ needs.

The children’s services we offer

As part of our commitment to providing care for the full spectrum of children’s health needs, we’ve continually expanded the pediatric services and specialties we offer. From primary care to emergency care to pediatric surgery, our pediatric clinic offerings provide comprehensive care for many medical conditions and health issues. Our pediatric services include:


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