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Kentucky Children's Hospital is the only hospital in the region offering specialized pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery for children. We treat children with congenital conditions and problems caused by injuries, burns or illness.

We know that children’s bodies are always growing and changing. Children need comprehensive care from a team that understands their physical and emotional needs. We will create a treatment plan that can help your child feel confident and healthy. 

How Can a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon Help Your Child?

Our team recognizes the particular needs of young people and will work to get the best possible cosmetic results for your child. The equipment and tools we use are specially designed for children. We also use less invasive techniques when possible to shorten recovery time and reduce pain.

Our goals for your child’s treatment include:

  • Correcting problems
  • Restoring function where needed
  • Getting the best possible cosmetic result

Plastic Surgery Services We Provide

We can repair problems children are born with (congenital) or injuries and issues that appear later. Some types of conditions we treat with plastic surgery include:

  • Injuries, including facial and nose fractures and cuts
  • Burns and scars
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate
  • Skull shape and ear differences
  • Jaw and facial bone issues
  • Moles, birthmarks and other skin conditions
  • Adolescent breast conditions

Our Pediatric Plastic Surgery Team

Our team works with your whole family to make sure your child feels supported throughout the process. We will talk with children at their level of understanding and respect their feelings and worries.

Your child’s team will include a pediatric plastic surgeon and pediatric anesthesiologist trained in the latest surgical techniques and approaches to care. We also have nurses, speech pathologists and counselors who will work with your child before and after surgery.  

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