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Plastic Surgery - Pediatric

Doctor and child laughing while touching each other's noses

The UK Department of pediatric plastic surgery recognizes that every child is unique. Children with congenital or acquired problems require specialized attention and expertise.

The pediatric plastic surgeons and pediatric anesthesiologists at Kentucky Children's Hospital cater to the individualized needs of our patients; we provide the only service in central and eastern Kentucky that offers this level of care. Surgical procedures not requiring a hospital stay are performed in the Center for Advanced Surgery.

Our pediatric plastic surgery team is dedicated to preserving the energy, optimism and potential of our children. Our goal is to provide the best customized individual care with the most recent advances in treatment techniques and concepts. We are also proud of our ability to consistently provide the best care for our patients' families, knowing that open and clear communication is a vital component in medicine. We do not view each child as an isolated person, but as a part of a family. Through our dedication to this mission, we treat our patients and their families with the highest quality medical care.

We understand how debilitating a physical deformity can be. Physical differences can harm a child's self-esteem and in severe cases can make it difficult for them to talk and communicate. Our team of experienced doctors, nurses, speech pathologists and counselors work with you to make sure your child's physical, emotional and psychological health are all treated with care so your child can grow up happy and healthy.

Some of the physical differences we treat are:

We have a strong integrated tie with the Commission for Children with Special Needs and we frequently hold specialty clinics at the Commission's facility. Offering care to children of underprivileged families, the Commission provides additional assistance to help alleviate the financial strains that can come with caring for a child who has special medical needs.

We also offer complete follow-up services with speech pathologists and counselors to make sure your child makes a full recovery of normal speech.

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