Forensic Medicine - Pediatric

The Kosair for Kids Center for Safe and Healthy Children and Families at UK HealthCare is responsible for evaluating children when concerns of maltreatment exist. These concerns include physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. Staffed by the experts in the University of Kentucky Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine, the center offers trauma-focused and family-centered medical and psychosocial assessments for our patients and families. Our goal is to provide an accurate, objective assessment and determine what resources, if any, families need to thrive.

We work closely with collaborative partners and families to determine not only whether child abuse or neglect is present, but also what risk factors may exist in a child’s environment. Our medical and psychosocial evaluation is important for initial safety and recommendations, but we also focus on helping children and families find long-term healing through therapeutic support, referrals and appropriate follow-up.

As a division, we understand that the work of preventing child abuse and neglect is integral to our mission. To this end, we partner with child protection investigators, medical providers and, most importantly, the families and caretakers of the children we serve. By engaging the family on an individual level, we hope to provide tangible support and answers to families and caretakers in what can be a very tense and complicated time.

Our team is committed to the education and advocacy efforts of those in the Commonwealth who seek to better the lives of children and families. Team members are available to provide trainings to professionals and community members, as everyone can help keep Kentucky’s children safe by recognizing signs of child maltreatment. Emerging research has indicated that child abuse and neglect is an enduring problem. Even when the maltreatment ends, the effects can be lifelong in the form of mental health disorders, learning disorders, life-threatening medical conditions and substance use disorders.

Our team can provide consultation and support to medical providers, Department for Community Based Services staff, school personnel and caregivers. We are available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, by calling 859-218-6727 and after hours, weekends, and holidays by calling UK-MDs at 859-257-5522.

Support of the program is provided by:

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Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)

Children's Justice Act