Surgery - Pediatric

A surgeon from Kentucky Children's Hospital examines an infant with the patient's family in attendance.

No one wants to hear that their child needs surgery, but if that’s the case for your family, you can rest assured that your child is in great hands — literally. The pediatric surgery team at Kentucky Children’s Hospital combines expertise and experience with compassion to help put you and your child at ease.

Our pediatric general surgeons and surgical specialists offer a full range of surgeries, ranging from procedures as common as ear tube placement or tonsil removal to more advanced procedures such as [cardiovascular surgeries], [reconstructive surgery] and [transplants].

Our quality care extends past the pediatric surgery center and operating rooms, as well. We also understand that a child’s surgery can be a challenging time for families, so our team of specialists includes the [Child Life] team, as well as therapists and psychologists who help families approach their child’s care with peace of mind. This guide can assist families preparing for their child’s procedure and recovery.

Specialty Surgical Services

Kentucky Children’s Hospital surgeons offer a wide array of procedures for infants, children and adolescents. Our expert surgeons are capable of correcting congenital and acquired health conditions, including those that affect the head and neck, chest wall and thorax, abdomen, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system, and extremities. Whether your child was born with their health condition or it developed later in their lifetime, our surgeons will work closely with each patient’s primary care provider or specialist to provide efficient and comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment.

In addition to general surgery services, Kentucky Children’s Hospital offers the following specialty surgical services:

A number of our surgeries are performed using laparoscopic or minimally invasive techniques. Minimally invasive surgeries allow physicians to perform procedures using a small camera, or laparoscope, to look inside the patient’s body during surgery. The surgeon then makes small incisions and operates using small instruments placed inside the incision. Patients who undergo minimally invasive surgery may experience less pain and less damage to healthy tissue than traditional surgeries, and it may also lead to a faster recovery time.

Why Choose Kentucky Children’s Hospital for Pediatric Surgery?

Kentucky Children’s Hospital offers some of the Commonwealth’s most advanced surgical services and has pediatric surgical specialists who are at the top of their field and provide some of the country’s most advanced surgical procedures. Kentucky Children’s Hospital offers eastern and central Kentucky’s only Level I pediatric trauma center, Level IV newborn (neonatal) intensive care unit and pediatric intensive care unit. 

In 2018, our Kentucky Children’s Hospital Circle of Blue Sedation and Procedure Unit was designated a Center of Excellence in Pediatric Sedation by the Society of Pediatric Sedation. We are one of six hospitals in the country that meet or exceed the guidelines to receive this recognition.


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