Circle of Blue

In 2011, a group of female philanthropists coalesced around a common purpose—to support improvement and expansion of care for the children of Kentucky. Each Circle of Blue society member invests $2,500 annually to support Kentucky Children’s Hospital projects that enhance the experience of patients, families and visitors.

To celebrate our move into the next decade of service to Kentucky’s children, Circle of Blue members have launched a campaign to support the endowment of a Child Life Specialist for the Makenna David Pediatric Emergency Center. New members who join Circle of Blue will receive an exclusive charm and bracelet that reflect their investment in the holistic care approach we champion.

Improving the quality of a child’s experience

Teddy Bear Clinic

UK HealthCare and Kentucky Children’s Hospital impact thousands of lives each year. Circle of Blue members have invested in projects that create a supportive environment for patients and their families, including:

Circle of Blue Pediatric Procedure and Sedation Unit

A bright, cheerful, and child-friendly space for patients awaiting a procedure. Read more »

Circle of Blue Registration Desk at Kentucky Children's Hospital Acute Care

An inviting welcome for patients, families and visitors who come through  KCH’s “front door.”

Our Members

  • Morgan Dezarn
  • Laura Eaves
  • Suzanne Elliott*
  • Susan English
  • Donna Grigsby
  • Margaret Gustafson
  • Shellie Haley
  • Sarah Heck
  • Kelly S. Holland
  • Kathy Isaacs
  • Missy Jarvis*
  • Elisabeth Jensen
  • Connie Jones
  • Lee Ann Jung
  • Ellen Karpf
  • Angela Lang
  • Amy Mellinger
  • Susie Merida
  • Gwen Moreland
  • Becky Mulligan
  • Celeste Neuman
  • Susan Nicholson
  • Susan O'Brien
  • Julie Perry
  • Julia Pezzi
  • Anne Pittman
  • Lindsay Ragsdale
  • Stacey Richardson*
  • Jennifer Rose
  • Jill Hall Rose
  • Kim Rosenstein
  • Cathy Rupp
  • Melanie Simpson
  • Sarah Skinner
  • Stacey Slone
  • Ann Smith
  • Nancy Stanley
  • Carol Steltenkamp*
  • Katie Stewart
  • Sue Strup
  • Colleen Swartz
  • Tukea Talbert
  • Patsy Todd
  • Ann Vezina
  • Jane Wallace
  • Jane Warner*

*Circle of Blue “Founding Mother”

Thank you for your support!


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