Children's Support Services

At Kentucky Children’s Hospital, we understand that your child may benefit from care that goes beyond primary care medical needs. For these situations, we offer support services that help us personalize care. With these services, we’re able to not just provide multidisciplinary care from expert physicians and researchers, but also offer the supportive services that can benefit the whole child.

Our specialty services can meet a variety of unique needs for children and their families. Whether this care is a medical program that addresses a physical or behavioral health issue, or it’s a service that makes a child with complex health issues more comfortable, Kentucky Children’s Hospital is here every step of the way to provide care for the whole child.

Specialized Programs

Animal Assisted Therapy

  • Child Life Program
  • Don and Cathy Jacobs Health Education Center
  • Music Therapy

These support services and programs are a few more ways we provide expert pediatric care close to home.


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