Kentucky Children's Hospital entrance

Our entrance and waiting area was designed and created with kids and their families in mind.


The space features:

Welcoming entrance and direct elevators


The spacious and beautiful lobby is a prominent feature of the newly renovated Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

Families and visitors will also like the direct-access elevators to the inpatient units on the fourth floor.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Our new, state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care unit at Kentucky Children’s Hospital opened in April 2018.

Gift shop

Kentucky Children’s Hospital has its own gift shop, filled with child-focused and family-friendly items.

The Makenna Foundation Welcome Center

Kentucky Children’s Hospital now has its own information desk and registration area. This is a central location where all KCH patients and families will check in, allowing them to enter the same child-friendly location every time they come to KCH.

Pediatric health education center


Our pediatric health education center will offer a variety of pediatric-centric health information and resources. It will also serve as a business center for parents and families.

Simpson Family Theater

Community visitors and groups often visit KCH to host children’s events or programs. This child-friendly space provides an area for the KCH Child Life Department to coordinate these fun and educational programs for children and parents.

OB Express elevator

Our express elevator provides the most direct route to the UK Birthing Center, resulting in quicker access and admittance for expecting moms.

About our hospital

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