11-year-old boy learns to walk again after viral infection

Dalton Green

Watch the heartwarming story of 11-year-old Dalton Green, a patient at UK Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Last fall, Dalton was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis – or ADEM – that caused aggressive, widespread swelling of his brain and spinal cord tissues. The viral infection left him totally immobile and unresponsive.

But thanks to the expert care at KCH, including Dalton’s doctors, nurses and physical therapists – and some timely inspiration from UK head football coach Mark Stoops and Dalton’s favorite football players – Dalton is back to enjoying his favorite foods, cracking jokes and playing his favorite sports.

“It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened in our life, and I’m glad we were at UK Kentucky Children’s, because I just think that if we would have gone anywhere else, we wouldn’t have our Dalton,” said Julie Burgett, Dalton’s mother.


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