Young Parents Program

Young mothers face unique challenges, which is why we created the Young Parents Program (YPP) so that they can navigate the parenthood journey as smoothly as possible.

This program is a joint venture between UK Women's Health Obstetrics & Gynecology and the Adolescent Medicine Clinic and focuses on the special needs of parents under 21 years of age as well as their children from birth through age 2.    

While pregnant, patients are seen by a multidisciplinary health care team that includes an obstetrician specially trained in adolescent obstetrics and gynecology, dietitians, nurses, and social workers. Additionally, patients establish care with the Adolescent Medicine Clinic during their pregnancy. YPP strongly encourages involvement of adolescent fathers and patient families.

After the baby is born, parents continue to receive comprehensive care for themselves and their baby in the Adolescent Medicine Teen and Tot Clinic. We also recommend planning for the future, including continuing education, life mentorship and birth control counseling.  


  • Obstetric (OB) care for mother 
  • Establish care visit in Adolescent Medicine during pregnancy (separate from OB appointments)  
  • Mental health counseling in Adolescent Medicine Clinic  
  • Medical appointments for mother every three months prenatally (separate from OB appointments)  
  • Well baby and infant checks through 2 years of age in the Adolescent Medicine Teen and Tot Clinic  
  • Medical visits for mother scheduled at same time as well baby and infant checks in Teen and Tot Clinic  
  • Comprehensive health care for young parents, including prevention of repeat pregnancy with birth control counseling, prescribing and monitoring, and STI prevention, checks and treatment   
  • Sick visits during clinic hours   
  • Nutritional counseling from registered dietician
  • Social support for community resources

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