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Referring Your Patient to the Developmental Pediatrics Clinic

The Developmental Pediatrics Clinic at Kentucky Children’s Hospital offers personalized care for children who have documented concerns related to or a formal diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders. (If you are a parent or guardian, please see this page instead.)

We deliver focused treatments to children with critical needs, including:

  • Children under 5 years old with documented concerns related to autism spectrum disorder who have not been evaluated by a developmental-behavioral pediatrics provider.
  • Children under 5 years old with documented concerns for global developmental delay (delays in several areas of development) who have not been evaluated by a developmental-behavioral pediatrics provider.
  • Any child identified as a student with autism by a school district or First Steps who needs a formal medical evaluation/diagnosis to receive outside services.

Any child who has received a formal diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay and/or intellectual disability from a medical provider and who would like a consultation from our clinic for treatment recommendations.

  • Conditions we do not evaluate

    Our team offers specialized diagnoses and high-quality treatment guidance only for children with a formal diagnosis or documented concerns for a neurodevelopmental disorder. We do not accept referrals for:

    • ADHD diagnoses for children over 12 years old
    • Behavioral problems not linked to a neurodevelopmental disorder, including:
      • Encopresis, a leakage of stool that a child cannot control.
      • Enuresis, an inability to control urination.
      • Isolated sensory concerns.
      • Isolated sleep disorder.
      • Isolated toilet training difficulties.
      • Pica, an eating disorder involving eating non-nutritive substances.
      • Tantrums.
    • Learning disorders, including:
      • Dyslexia.
      • Mathematics disorder.
      • Written expression disorder.
    • Psychiatry disorders diagnosis and treatment management, including:
      • Anxiety disorders.
      • Bipolar disorders.
      • Mood disorders.
      • Oppositional defiant disorders.
      • Obsessive compulsive disorder.
      • Treatment for past trauma or abuse.
    • Motor delays (fine or gross) not linked to a neurodevelopment disorder.
    • Speech or language disorders not linked to a neurodevelopment disorder.
  • Referral documentation needed

    If your patient meets the requirements for our referral program, please gather the following information before submitting a referral. We can only review and accept requests that include all the required documentation, including:

    • Referring provider’s developmental behavioral concerns, which should include:
      • Medical history.
      • Past evaluations from any developmental-behavioral pediatrics provider.
      • Specific office notes related to the developmental-behavioral concerns.
      • Records of any previously recommended treatments, such as outpatient developmental therapies or medications to address the symptoms of concern.
    • ADHD: Vanderbilt or Conners behavior rating scales.
    • Autism spectrum disorder: M-CHAT or Social Communications Questionnaire.
    • Global developmental delay: Developmental screenings, including Ages & Stages Questionnaire, PEDS or others.
    • Relevant school evaluations, including:
      • IEP.
      • 504 plan.
      • Integrated reports (IQ testing, psychoeducational evaluation, school academic testing, etc.).

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