Does your child qualify for a Developmental Pediatrics Clinic referral?

Specialized care to support children who have complex developmental conditions

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The Developmental Pediatrics Clinic at Kentucky Children’s Hospital offers personalized care for children who have documented concerns related to or a formal diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders. To be evaluated, your child must be referred to the clinic by your child's primary care or other provider.

Upon referral, we deliver focused treatments to children with critical needs, including:

  • Children under 5 years old with documented concerns related to autism spectrum disorder who have not been evaluated by a developmental-behavioral pediatrics provider.
  • Children under 5 years old with documented concerns for global developmental delay (delays in several areas of development) who have not been evaluated by a developmental-behavioral pediatrics provider.
  • Any child identified as a student with autism by a school district who needs a formal medical evaluation/diagnosis to receive outside services.
  • Any child who has received a formal diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay and/or intellectual disability from a medical provider and who would like a consultation from our clinic for treatment recommendations.

Conditions we do not evaluate

Our team offers specialized diagnoses and high-quality treatment guidance only for children with a formal diagnosis or documented concerns for a neurodevelopmental disorder. We do not accept referrals for:

  • ADHD diagnoses for children over 12 years old
  • Behavioral problems not linked to a neurodevelopmental disorder, including:
    • Encopresis, a leakage of stool that a child cannot control.
    • Enuresis, an inability to control urination.
    • Isolated sensory concerns.
    • Isolated sleep disorder.
    • Isolated toilet training difficulties.
    • Pica, an eating disorder involving eating non-nutritive substances.
    • Tantrums.
  • Learning disorders, including:
    • Dyslexia.
    • Mathematics disorder.
    • Written expression disorder.
  • Psychiatry disorders diagnosis and treatment management, including:
    • Anxiety disorders.
    • Bipolar disorders.
    • Mood disorders.
    • Oppositional defiant disorders.
    • Obsessive compulsive disorder.
    • Treatment for past trauma or abuse.
  • Motor delays (fine or gross) not linked to a neurodevelopment disorder.
  • Speech or language disorders not linked to a neurodevelopment disorder.

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My child has a referral. What happens next?

Pediatric Developmental Evaluation

Comprehensive neurodevelopmental evaluations for accurate diagnosis

The first step in supporting a child with developmental concerns is getting an accurate diagnosis. The providers in the Developmental Pediatrics Clinic at Kentucky Children’s Hospital are experienced in diagnosing complex conditions and guiding treatment plans.

Our team includes knowledgeable pediatricians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, nurses and a patient navigator. We work closely with referring providers, family members and children to help everyone involved understand the challenges children are facing and the goals for their treatment. Our comprehensive evaluation includes an assessment and neurodevelopmental testing (when appropriate) to accurately diagnose neurodevelopmental disorders.

Once your child has been diagnosed, we work with providers and resources in the community to connect your child to the care they need to grow and thrive. Our strong relationships and well-informed insights help make sure your child receives the right care.

Ongoing appointments allow our team to track your child’s progress and adjust your child’s treatment plan as needed. We are committed to supporting children and families throughout their care journey.