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Shoulder and Elbow

A doctor and patient view an x-ray of the patient's shoulder.

UK’s expert orthopaedic team provides the most advanced and comprehensive care for routine and complex shoulder and elbow issues. As the only institution in the region with three fellowship-trained shoulder and elbow specialists, we offer state-of-the-art surgical options and consult with therapists, medical staff and other specialists to provide the very best in non-operative evaluation and treatment. Whether your problem is sports-related or due to aging, overuse or injury, we are dedicated to decreasing your pain, improving your quality of life and helping you safely return to the activities you enjoy.

  • Conditions we treat

    Our team is committed to providing the best care possible for all shoulder and elbow issues –whether common or rare, routine or complex, or the result of an athletic, traumatic or degenerative issue. Below are some of the most common shoulder and elbow issues we treat:

    Shoulder problems

    • Frozen shoulder: Also called adhesive capsulitis or stiff shoulder, this condition occurs when part of the shoulder joint becomes inflamed and limits free movement and rotation. It is typically treatable through injections and physical therapy or arthroscopic treatment.
    • Shoulder arthritis: Our team treats rheumatoid (autoimmune) arthritis, osteoarthritis (degenerative) and post-traumatic arthritis of the shoulder by using a variety of options, including shoulder replacement, resurfacing and reverse arthroplasty.
    • Acromioclavicular (AC) and sternoclavicular (SC) joint injuries/instability: Issues with the AC joint are much more common than in the SC joint, but our team is equipped to treat both types. Treatment selection depends on many factors.
    • Rotator cuff issues: We are experts in treating all rotator cuff issues, including tears, arthropathy and impingement syndrome.
    • Unstable shoulders: Our team can help reverse this condition using primary and revision stabilization techniques.
    • Proximal humeral fractures: We can treat this type of shoulder fracture non-operatively or surgically, depending on the situation or fracture type.

    Elbow problems

    • Elbow instability: This condition may stem from fractures or dislocations, and it can be recurrent.
    • Stiff elbow (soft-tissue and bony): If this condition occurs as a consequence of arthritis, we must address the arthritis first. If it occurs after an injury, we can often treat it successfully without surgery if initiated early.
    • Radial head fractures: This condition is most commonly caused by an injury, such as falling. We work to repair the broken elbow bone using fixation, reconstruction and replacement.
    • Tennis and golfer's elbow: For these overuse injuries, which occur on the outer (tennis elbow) or inner (golfer’s elbow) part of the elbow, we offer both non-operative and arthroscopic management options.
    • Elbow arthritis: We are experts at treating rheumatoid (autoimmune) arthritis, osteoarthritis (degenerative) and post-traumatic arthritis of the elbow by using a range of techniques, including arthroscopic recontouring, hemiarthroplasty, total elbow replacement and revision elbow arthroplasty.
    • Biceps/triceps ruptures: Although ruptures more commonly occur in the biceps than the triceps, our team is experienced in treating both conditions. 
    • Sports injuries: We treat all sports-related elbow problems, including bone spurs, tendonitis, loose fragments of cartilage or bone (known as “loose bodies”), and cartilage defects, as well as longer-term injuries, such as osteoarthritis and stiffness.
    • Osteochondritis dissecans: This is a joint disorder where the cartilage under the elbow joint does not receive enough blood flow, which causes pain and swelling of the elbow and limits mobility.