Knee Post-Operative Exercises

All exercises should be repeated 30 times. Two sessions per day are recommended. It may be helpful to apply ice for 15 minutes after the exercises. 

Check with your doctor to make sure these instructions apply to your case. 

Ankle & foot range of motion: plantar/dorsiflexion 

Plantar dorsiflexions illustration

  • Avoid pain.
  • Relax leg.
  • Gently bend and straighten ankle.
  • Move through full range of motion.

Hip & knee: passive range of motion knee flexion

Passive range of motion knee flexion illustration

  • With towel around heel, gently pull knee upwards with towel until stretch is felt.

Hip & knee: strengthening

Hip and knee strengthening exercise  

  • Straight Leg Raise Phase 1: Tighten muscle on front of thigh then lift leg 8-10 inches from floor keeping knee locked. Hold 10 seconds.

Hip & knee strengthening: quadriceps sets

Quadriceps sets  

  • Tighten muscles on top of thigh by pushing knees down into floor or table.

Hip & knee: quadriceps set in slight flexion

Quad set in slight flexion illustration  

  • Gently tense muscle on top of thigh. Hold 10 seconds.


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