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Student Health

Here's an overview of what most students need to know about University Health Service, including services offered, clinic hours and how to make appointments.

Girl on steps with ipadUniversity Health Service (UHS) offers services for full-time undergraduate UK students and students who have paid the Health Fee


See our frequently asked questions (FAQs) for answers.

  • Other Services

    • Allergy/immunotherapy injections:  Student may continue receiving allergy injections as ordered by their allergy doctor.  Students will sign the allergy injection contract at their first clinic visit.   The contract answers many questions and can be viewed here: 
    • Bloodborne Pathology Protocol: Here's what students should do if they come in contact with another person's blood or body fluid while providing healthcare.
    • Immunization compliance requirements for UK students with clinical responsibilities.
    • Immunization and vaccination recommendations for those enrolling at UK.
    • International students: Specific information about international students' healthcare.
    • Medical records: How and where to obtain them.
    • For parents: What to know and what to send with your student.
    • Prescriptions: Students who have used University Health Service may fill prescriptions at the UHS Pharmacy, conveniently located on the first floor of the University Health Service building.
    • Traveling: Find information about checkups and what you will need to know before traveling abroad.